Monday, July 28, 2008


I was away for the weekend, so I didn't get to post. Sorry. My friend Susan was here to take care of my babies, and my own cats. She was approved to cat sit last year. I never want to bring them back to the shelter, where they may catch something else, so if I can keep them here, I will.

I always worry when I am away, because of course, I know my babies better than anyone. I see and sit with them at least 3 times a day, so I can tell when something is "off". I also get text messages from Susan when she is here tending to the itty bitties. She probably thinks I am nuts. Maybe so.

The remaining 4 seem to be doing well. All are gaining, although I am still hearing some sneezing from Sully. Doesn't seem to be serious. Still cleaning loose poop up off the floor, and I am pretty sure it's Robyn. I think I will start a raw diet with her, and see if it makes a difference. Can't hurt. Maybe if she didn't stick her head and feet in the bowl, and suck as much food in as she can get, as fast as she can, she wouldn't have these issues! This photo is about 4 weeks old, but she still eats like this! She is part sow. We are still being careful how much food she consumes at one time. Seems to be helping.