Friday, September 11, 2009


While is seems most of the circus is feeling fine, Reno is still not 100%, but she is gaining weight, and she is better, so we will work on getting her snotty nose cleared up. Vegas is back to normal, and now weighs almost as much as her brother Major. Talk about a rebound!

Still a bit snotty.

Although not 100%, Reno still has the energy to play with the duck!

The rest of the clowns are plodding along, biding their time until they all get forever homes. They sleep, they eat, they make the obligatory messes!

Although the shelter is on kitten lockdown because of a kitten that they believe had Panleukopenia, I was told that John Cougar, Jessica and Diego were all adopted out before the lockdown, so that's some good news. Bad news is, the kitten that died was from 50 kittens. : ( We are all hoping that it was an isolated incident, and all kittens will be available for adoption again soon.

Colonel gives that "Come adopt me" look.

Colonel gives the mouse a spin. The tongue is for balance.

Shoe strings are always popular at Itty Bitty Central.

Colonel and Major mix it up on a white towel. Colonel has the advantage of camouflage.

Sarge likes to foot sit.

Vegas looks like she is all filled out after her illness.

Dallas and Albany snooze in the "bucket" and didn't bother to get up.