Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I found out yesterday that the paintballs will not be going to spay/neuter this week. I think they ran out of room. The good news is, they are already on view! Hopefully, they will all be spoken for by new years. Oh yeah, and Norton is out of sick bay, and he looks great. I think he remembered me. He tried to pull my arm into the cage when I was there yesterday!

Monday, December 29, 2008

time's up

The paintball trio will be going back to the shelter this afternoon. All 3 are healthy, and all are way over the 2.8lbs they need to be for spay/neuter. They should all be adopted soon! They have the cuteness thing down pat. If you hurry, you might be able to adopt one (or more) of them! They should go on view Thursday. What a great way to start 2009!
Here they are one last time, in random order...




Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas

The shelter is closed today and tomorrow, so I am OK with keeping the paintball kittens until next week. No one should adopt a pet before Christmas. At least not a house full of kids. Too much is going on already. I think if a kid is going to get a pet for Christmas, they should get the food bowls, toys, leashes, etc., and wait until things settle down a bit to pick out the pet. I will take these guys back Monday for the next Spay/Neuter, and hope they will be adopted by early in the new year.

As of now, they are doing fine, and are ready to go to a new home. They want out of their prison cell, and cry at the door if they hear anyone walk by. Yep. They are ready to go home.

Beulah wants a mirror for Christmas, so she can check her lipliner

Cleo applies a little tenderizer before she chomps down.

Detroit takes a little walk while waving bye bye

Evidentially, drug use among kittens has become an epidemic. (see, 50kittens.com)

Beulah is in hiding. Maybe the drugs have made her paranoid?

Friday, December 19, 2008


Countdown to adoption. 1 left to hit 2.8lbs. Everyone is healthy, and healthy kittens are crazy kittens. I was thinking back today about when Cleo wasn't feeling well, and how sweet she was. She slept in my arms all the way home from the vet. I was thinking about that this afternoon when she was biting the crap out of me! OK, she wasn't breaking the skin, but she was chowin' down pretty well. Beulah is back to speed, but not quite as aggressive as Cleo. She still likes to be held. Cleo not so much.

Detroit is still a wild man, and he likes to chew fingers too, but not quite as hard. And he will settle down and be held. He is funny to watch. He jumps straight up in the air to pounce on a toy, or another kitten.

Sweet and innocent


looking for a bite...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

looking good

Looks like everyone is doing well here at itty bitty central. Finally, finally, Beulah has broken the 2lb mark! She is back to her 100% normal self, playing rough with the other two, and not quite as interested in being held, but still likes to howl for attention.

The ban on new cats should be removed at the shelter, and they will be receiving cats again, but because of Beulah's week of no real weight gain, these guys will be with me for another week I suspect. I doubt she will gain 8 oz. by Monday, but you never know!

In the mean time, they will pass the time away running the hallway, and just being kittens.

Detroit does a little sidewinder move toward Cleo off camera.

Cleo peeks from under the bed

Beulah climbs Mount Comforter

Cleo pins Detroit

Beulah the glowing eyed banshee is too much for Buck

Monday, December 15, 2008

creating monsters

OK, they aren't really monsters. But we have now got 2 screamers on our hands. We let the itty bitties out to run the upstairs yesterday, and now whenever they hear anyone, they scream to be let out! But only the two true siblings. Cleo is quiet, but makes the mad dash when the door opens. Detroit and Beulah cry, cry, cry! The funny thing is, when Beulah is out, she cries at my feet to be picked up.

Beulah waits for the perfect moment to jump Detroit

Beulah eyes the mouse, ready to attack

Beulah shows off her ability to untie bows

Detroit and Cleo practice their synchronized toy attack

Beulah keeps her toy mouse hidden from the others

I am still concerned with Beulah. She is not gaining weight. She isn't losing, but she isn't gaining either. Detroit is officially at 2 and a half lbs, and Beulah is still under 2. She is still playing, and bright eyed as you can see, but she is not as active as she has been. I am going to do what fellow foster Ted and Martha do, and call Cap'n Tuna! Tuna for cats. If that doesn't work, off to the vet she goes.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

life in the fast lane

Whatever Beulah had, she seems to have it beat. I was treated yesterday to about 20 minutes of 3 balls of fire romping throughout their room.

Beulah shows the mouse who's boss

Beulah leaps from the rolling supply cart to the condo

I cleared off the rolling cart I keep my supplies in, and moved the condo a little closer to it, so they could use it to get on the window sill bed. Once they found that, they were off to the races. Literally. They raced around the room, showing off their new jumping skills, and the ability to get somewhere new. It was quite the scene.

Detroit grabs the mouse from the window sill and brings it back to his lair

Cleo gives the mouse a go

Thursday, December 11, 2008

not quite right

Still not too sure about Beulah. She is not quite right. Lost a little weight, although she is eating, not as much as the other 2, but she does eat, and is still loving attention. I will keep a close eye on her the next day or 2, and see how it goes.

Beulah Balances on the chair rail

Got some sloppy poops the last couple of days, and it looks like it is from more than one of them, so maybe that's the issue. (Read, need to scrub down the wall). I never got to do a big scrub down between this group and the last one, so maybe I can before we have our Holiday brunch. I know folks will want to see them, and I need to do some work in there before we have visitors!

I will be picking up some Ponazuril today from the shelter, and see if that helps out with the poop issue. I hope so. Other than that, these guys are doing pretty well. They may start getting some "hallway time" soon.

Beulah gives new meaning to "blind attack"

Detroit peeks out from his hiding spot

The cute factor is pretty high with this group

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

back to normal

Cleo is back to her old feisty self. I do think she has a new appreciation for being held, cuddled and kissed since her illness. Now if only the hyperspaz Detroit would sit still for some love! Don't get me wrong, he loves attention. He just can't sit still for it. He likes to engage you, will "give you five" if you hold a hand up near him. He is very gentle, no claws.

I was worried Beulah might be coming down with something, but she is gaining weight, and seems OK. Mother hen, always worrying.

Cleo does her "Killer Clowns from Outer Space" impersonation.

Normal sweet face

Detroit tries desperately to find mouse under the shelving unit, while Beulah actually has it, unbeknownst to him.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

better day

Cleo is better today. The vet visit was uneventful. Cleo might disagree, after the sneak attack from behind, for a temp check. Anyway, she did have a fever, which I knew, but was not dehydrated, and seemed to be in pretty good shape otherwise. She got a antibiotic shot, which was nice, no doses of clavamox twice daily.

Cleo and her foster sister Beulah check out the scale bowl

She's not 100%, but playing, and even engaging her foster sibs. She had lost some weight, from 2.2lbs, down to 1.14lbs. As of this morning, she is back up to 2.0.

Cleo plans her attack on Detroit

The other to crazies seem to have calmed down a tad, and now all 3 love attention. Cleo got a lot of attention while she was sick, so she really likes it now, an Detroit and Beulah both stand on the kitty condo and kneed it while waiting for a little attention.

Beulah dares Detroit to pounce

Unfortunately, we found out this morning that the shelter had a cat test positive for Panleukopenia, so the cat room is now quarantined for at least 2 weeks, so I have these guys for at least that much longer. That's fine for them, and me, but I hate that there will be no adoptions for that long, and we will all keep our fingers crossed that no other cats get it. Here's a link for more information on panleukopenia. http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=1+1352&aid=222

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Well, didn't take long for one to have issues. Cleo is sick. She pretty much kept to her "basket" all day Friday. Her eyes are still bright, but no playing, and worse, no eating. At least none that actually witnesses. I have an appointment to see the vet this morning.

The good news this morning is she ate some breakfast. And not just a little bite or 2, she ate a pretty good meal, and had a little drink too. Then she climbed back into her basket. I feel a bit better about her, but she still has no interest in play.

That being said, she sat in the middle of the room for a while watching the 2 crazies that are her foster siblings. These guys are too much. We watched Detroit for 20 minutes play with a toy mouse. He chased it, rolled on the floor with it, pounced on it, and carry it around in his mouth, growling. I can't believe how much energy he has.

Then, Beulah decided she had seen enough, and she decided to spent the next 15 minutes attacking Detroit. Yes indeed, Detroit is a tough guy, until his sister jumps him, then he screams like a little girl! Non-Stop action. These are not your cuddly kittens, but if you want a high energy kitten, I have a couple for you!

Beulah and Detroit display some mid-air acrobatics

Detroit gets Beulah in a head lock

Detroit cries like a little girl when he is pinned

Thursday, December 4, 2008

big giant elephants!

The 3 itty bitties sound like a stampede of elephants upstairs! They sound a lot louder than the last batch, and there were 5 of them.

Peeking out of the kitty condo

Last night, they were so wild, and were playing so hard, I was a little concerned. They were nuts, and if you picked them up in the middle of play time, they would growl! When I went in later, and gave them their panacur, they were quiet, purring, and wanting to get some love. I gave them some, just before I gave them the panacur. They didn't like that so much. I cleaned the white spots off the floor before I left the room.

sleepy...just before the panacur

This afternoon when I went in, they were so sweet. Sleeping, and cuddly and cute. I had to leave and get my camera they were so cute. I took some pictures, and set the camera in the hammock while I gave them some attention. Then, I was so taken with them, I forgot my camera.

Well, when I went back in a few hours later, I saw it siting there. I picked it up, and had to wipe quite a few kitty nose prints off of it. Seems they were quite interested in it. Kitty snot is harder to remove than I would have thought.

We will see how they deal with their panacur tonight. I suspect I will be wiping up the splatter yet again.

Are these guys cute or what?

Beulah gives a yawn

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

tough cases

Picked up 3 itty bitties today. They are not so small, and need some socialization, but at least they don't hiss.

2 girls and 1 boy.




Detroit and Beulah are related, Cleo is not. She is from MD, the other 2 are from WV. They all look like family to me. A family that got in a paint ball match. Yes. This is the paint ball crew, for sure.

Kung foo fighting!

They are rompin' and stompin' all over that kitty room! And evil? You should see how rough Cleo and Detroit play! Growling and carrying on like they are trying to kill each other! I looked in on them earlier, and they were all asleep in the towel basket. Now they want to rip each other's heads off. The sounds of elephants upstairs!