Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I found out yesterday that the paintballs will not be going to spay/neuter this week. I think they ran out of room. The good news is, they are already on view! Hopefully, they will all be spoken for by new years. Oh yeah, and Norton is out of sick bay, and he looks great. I think he remembered me. He tried to pull my arm into the cage when I was there yesterday!


josgirl said...

I am Pam and followed the link to your blog from the 50K site which I have been following for several months now. You have inspired me to start a blog about our fosters. My daughter and I started fostering for the local animal shelter 4 years ago. It has been the most heartbreaking yet rewarding thing I have ever done. We usually take very sick neonates so our loss rate is pretty high so hence the heartbreak. But..it is soooo sweet when they survive and turn into loving gorgeous family members. I plan to follow your blog as well as 50K. Do you ever wonder how many of us kitten foster parents there are out there? I think it would be awesome if we could network somehow and share our combined experience. Have a good day!

Jamie said...

Hi Pam. I have seen your posts from 50K. I think we all need to help each other as fosters. Lord knows, we can all use someone to bounce things off of! I know all about the heartbreak. It just kills me when I loose one. My first 2 seasons were loss free, so my 3rd year was a bit of a shock. I lost a couple more this season, and it never gets any easier, yet I keep doing it, because as you say, the rewards are many. Please do start your own blog! Blogspot makes it easy, and free. I will be happy to help you get set up. Thanks.

josgirl said...

Were those the paintballs on TDK? They were lovely!