Wednesday, April 14, 2010

more good days

Bosley has had some good days. Some bad too, but more good than bad. He is up to 2 lbs 10 oz, which means he is big enough to be neutered. He even looks better. Not drawn, and eyes clear. He is really doing well. I am almost afraid to say it! He has been so sick for so long, it's nice to see him really starting to thrive. He has even been going "cat brain" around here, running crazy through the house, off the counter, onto the stool, the box, the floor, up to the sofa and straight up to the top of the kitty condo! Quite the feat for the little guy.

Bosley is getting bigger, but he still likes to snuggle.

He has started to show his dislike of all the bathing, and will stand up to Buck and Bishop when he has had enough. I always wish I have a video camera in hand when I see him doing something like batting Buck while standing on his hind legs. Of course, I never have it. One day...

Bosley has been spending a lot of evenings on the deck with us. He stays close, only venturing down the stairs to check out the fish pond, and to pee in the mulch. He loves to leap onto whatever is near, be it a bent-over back, stool or passerby. He is still very sweet, and loves to be on someone. He is quite the snuggler. We don't mind.

Boz keeps an eye on Bentley while on the deck step.

Inspecting the stepping stones.

Bentley checks over his shoulder...

While Boz Man checks out what's happening on the deck.