Monday, December 28, 2009

snow is gone...and so are Scooby and Shaggy!

Yep, a week ago, there was close to 20 inches of snow on the ground, and now, there is nothing left but a few small piles the plows left. I still can't believe it!

Scooby is all business with his ball.

Whatever Scooby has set his sights on better run!

Also hard to believe Shaggy and Scooby are gone. They both made weight, and went back to the shelter for Spay Day tomorrow. They both got to have some great play time running the hall, and playing in the tub this week. Both are adorable, and I don't expect them to hang around the shelter long. I think a friend of a friend is interested, and I let her know she best be on her toes, 'cause as soon as they go on view, they will be snatched up!

Shaggy looks worn out from a hallway romp.

Shaggy looks out from his condo perch.

Buddy's eye is looking great! Just a little hazy now.

Buddy also takes ball play very seriously.

As you can see, Elf's eye is almost completely healed. I can't believe how great it looks compared to how it looked when he first came here to heal, and be socialized. He was also a bit of a scaredy cat, and didn't like to be held. Now he hops into my lap same as the rest of them. He is quick to purr too, and loves to play. He started to venture out with the older boys into the hallway, but never goes too far away from the door of the "safe room." Oh yeah, and we decided to call him Buddy, after Will Ferrell's character in the movie Elf.

Big age difference, but not a big size difference.

Boz looking innocent.

We have had a breakthrough with Boz. He actually has gained weight, and is up to 1lb, 10.5oz! (Buddy is already at 1lb, 9oz!) The stomach chi he has been on seems to really be working. He did vomit today, but I had only given him one dose of the herbs. I dosed him a few more times this evening, and he is eating again with gusto, and seems to be happy. I was really about out of answers for Boz, so I am very excited about his progress. If you ever have "issues" with your cats, I highly recommend checking out this website, or contacting them by phone. They are extremely helpful.

The biggest issue I think I am gonna have with Bosley now is that I have spoiled him so much, he may just be rotten forever! I guess there are worse things. ; )

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Bentley, Buck, Ripley, Bishop and all the itty bitties hope you all have a great holiday season!

Bentley having a romp in the snow.

If you don't live "in these here parts," this past weekend we had quite the blizzard. Yes indeed, we got about a foot and a half of snow here! It was quite the scene! At least it was on Saturday, and no one REALLY had to go anywhere. Bentley had a blast in the snow, and the cats seemed to be happy they were inside where it was warm.

Front door picture Saturday night.

The front porch light on Monday.

It's been quite the roller coaster here at Itty Bitty Central. The Screamers are both doing great. They are happy, well adjusted and seem to have left all the poop issues behind them (no pun intended! OK. Maybe a little) They love to escape and run the hallway between the bathroom and the bedroom.

The Orange Brothers during a typical day.

Elf is growing and opening up more and more every day, and his eye is looking great! He has been known to venture out the door to see what the big deal is, but if something startles him, he high tails it back in and scampers under the wooden cart! He usually comes right back out, but it's pretty funny to see his mad dash under it.

Elf's eye is looking much better than I would have expected.

He certainly has energy to spare.

Boz is still a conundrum. He had a couple of bad days last week, and I really though that I might have to give up on him...but then, he had a burst of energy, and appetite, and gained some weight. I still think Elf may pass him in a week or so, unless he really turns it around. I have tired him on a raw diet, and he has not been able to keep it down. I have him on a chinese stomach mixture that seems to be helping. He still would rather have KMR, but does eat some of the canned food, especially in the morning, when he is really hungry. I have not seen any vomit today, or yesterday, and he has gained a couple of ounces. He is so happy when he feels well, and he loves to be held. He loves to hang with me at my desk while I am working. He sits on his haunches, and puts his paws on my chest, occasionally trying to (I believe) stick his head up my nostril. Quite the sight, I am sure!

During a better day, Boz chases his tail.

So, we muddle on, and see what tomorrow brings. Today, Boz feels good, and seems quite content. My Christmas wish is that he stays that way!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

global warming?

Believe what you want...but it is getting warmer, for whatever reason. Why do I think that? Because every year "kitten season" gets longer and longer! The feral cats are reproducing further and further into the winter, and that means that at the week before Christmas, I have taken yet another kitten. sigh.... It's true. More about that little guy shortly.

Boz had a bad day last week, so I scheduled him for yet another vet appointment, along with Shaggy who had blood in his urine. Now, blood in the stool is pretty common, but I know better than to mess with blood in the urine, especially with a male cat. Blocked urethras can kill a cat in short order, so even though Shaggy was acting perfectly normal, he was going to see the vet.

Shaggy just got his face all cleaned off 3 days ago. Not that you can tell.

I got the carrier out, and opened the door and set it on the floor. I went to the other side of the room, grabbed Shaggy and Boz, and put them in the carrier. I went out the door, making sure not to let Scooby out of the room. I didn't see him, so off we went. The boys were pretty quiet, and I was just thinking about all the stuff I had to do, and how little time I really had to be running kittens to the vet, and dealing with Boz and his stomach issues. He really is high maintenance, STILL wanting a bottle, and getting it since he doesn't eat much solid food. So, I get to the vet, and reach over to pick up the carrier and I see not one, but two orange faces! All 3 of them were there! I guess Scooby went in when I sat the carrier down in the floor, and I never saw him. He got a field trip.

Shaggy says, "The vet is going to put that thermometer where??"

Scooby had a field trip, but is no worse for wear.

The vet gave Shaggy a shot of penicillin, and some albon since he was still having loose stool. (Scooby is back to normal on that end.) Then we got to Boz. The vet is stumped on what his issues are. Could be congenital, and if so, he COULD out grow it. He is definitely better than he was when he was really small, and he is growing...slowly. The vet says he is in good shape, other than being really small. Let's all keep our fingers and paws crossed that Boz does outgrow whatever this is. The vet gave me another vial of medicine and more syringes and needles. I have only used it once since his visit. He has been eating pretty well since, and I am going to TRY to wean him off the bottle. I may have to get some different food. He likes the really smooth stuff.

Boz is still pretty small. He is on a quart can of paint.

Now I am on my way home from the vet, again thinking about all the work I need to do when I get home, and my phone rings. It's the shelter. "I have a kitten here, who is pretty small, but seems to be weaned. He had a really bad eye infection, but the vet says he still has an eye in there, and we cleaned him up...but he needs a foster home..." Silence. All I can think of is how busy I am, and how much I DON'T have time for another high maintenance foster kitten. Then I said OK, and promptly turned around to go to the shelter to pick him up.

Meet Elf.

He was named "Elf" by the shelter staff, and I suppose for now that's good enough. He is pretty timid, but he will get better. I have to give him antibiotics 2 times a day, and eye drops and eye "goop" 3 times each each day. He is not happy to see me coming just yet! His eye does not look good, and he may still lose it, but don't feel sorry for Elf Man. He doesn't let that stop him. He will pounce on the bigger kittens without a second thought. He plays, and hops and does his kitty posturing all the time, and except for when I am sticking something in his mouth or eye, he is a happy little guy. He has already gained 2 ounces. I think he may pass Boz in a few weeks.

Elf take a cheap shot on Bosley.

You can see how bad Elf Man's eye is here, but the vet is hopeful it will heal.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

semi normal

The Screamers are about back to normal. No more red angry behinds. Stools almost normal...a little loose, but under control. They are very cute, and sweet, although Scooby is still quite the screamer. There are now times I go in the room when there is food left in the bowl. I am happy that little guy found something else to be happy about!

Shaggy is still scraggly!

Shaggy has it out with the crinkly duck.

Shaggy is much less food intense. Don't get me wrong, he eats, but he is now more interested in running out of the room to explore than be the first one at the food bowl. Scooby still screams for his meals. I had to laugh, I needed to get the "numbers" off the charts to give to the volunteer coordinator, and realized they were not on the papers I was using. I dug through to get the photo pages, and looked at them and realized I was never going to be able to tell them apart! (remember, they were tiny when I got them) I looked again, and saw the squinty eyed scream on one of the faces, and recognized it as Scooby! He still screams like that!

Might not recognize Scooby without a scream emanating from him.

Bosley is still an enigma. He is so sweet, and he loves attention, but he is still vomiting, although not all the time. He eats solids finally, but he still wants the bottle, and the bottle is what he doesn't vomit up. It's weird. He is gaining weight, up to 1lb, 5+ oz, but he is way behind the orange boys. They are pushing 2 lbs now. I am hoping he out grows whatever it is, and he seems to be. I am willing to listen to any ideas anyone has on this little guy.

Bosley is hard to photograph, because he is usually on me! Here he is caught playing hide and seek with the orange boys.

Looks like I will have them all beyond the holidays. That's OK. They are doing well, and the pooping seems to be under control. The pumpkin did help some, although the poop sure was orange!

Buck helps wrap gifts while the itty bitties run loose.