Thursday, December 10, 2009

semi normal

The Screamers are about back to normal. No more red angry behinds. Stools almost normal...a little loose, but under control. They are very cute, and sweet, although Scooby is still quite the screamer. There are now times I go in the room when there is food left in the bowl. I am happy that little guy found something else to be happy about!

Shaggy is still scraggly!

Shaggy has it out with the crinkly duck.

Shaggy is much less food intense. Don't get me wrong, he eats, but he is now more interested in running out of the room to explore than be the first one at the food bowl. Scooby still screams for his meals. I had to laugh, I needed to get the "numbers" off the charts to give to the volunteer coordinator, and realized they were not on the papers I was using. I dug through to get the photo pages, and looked at them and realized I was never going to be able to tell them apart! (remember, they were tiny when I got them) I looked again, and saw the squinty eyed scream on one of the faces, and recognized it as Scooby! He still screams like that!

Might not recognize Scooby without a scream emanating from him.

Bosley is still an enigma. He is so sweet, and he loves attention, but he is still vomiting, although not all the time. He eats solids finally, but he still wants the bottle, and the bottle is what he doesn't vomit up. It's weird. He is gaining weight, up to 1lb, 5+ oz, but he is way behind the orange boys. They are pushing 2 lbs now. I am hoping he out grows whatever it is, and he seems to be. I am willing to listen to any ideas anyone has on this little guy.

Bosley is hard to photograph, because he is usually on me! Here he is caught playing hide and seek with the orange boys.

Looks like I will have them all beyond the holidays. That's OK. They are doing well, and the pooping seems to be under control. The pumpkin did help some, although the poop sure was orange!

Buck helps wrap gifts while the itty bitties run loose.


Angel and Kirby said...

Buck is such a beautiful cat! WE area glad the babies are doing better. We hope Bosley does not have problems like Ronny at Forever Foster!

angie said...

love that little tongue!

Catherine said...

So glad that everyone is doing well. Hopefully Bosley's tummy gets control of itself so he stops getting sick!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Wish I had some ideas, Jamie, but you're more expert than I with the babies! We'll keep sending purrayers up for the litte B!

Speaking of B's, gosh, Buck is a handsome one!

So, may the poop stay firm and the food stay down for the holidays!!

Joy said...

OMG! Purrayers! That is adorable!

Martha said...

Wow, what could be up with Bosley? Maybe he takes in too much air with the bottle? Will he take formula out of a dish instead? Other than experimenting with different foods, we don't have any good ideas either. Poor buddy!

Jamie said...

He will drink from a bowl, but I think he likes the attention of the bottle. And sometimes even in the morning before he gets any "juice" he nibbles on the canned food, and pukes it right up. This morning he did that, but then I got him to take some KMR, and he kept it down. Then he did eat some "Natural Choice" kitten food. He seemed to like it, and he didn't throw it up. He is gaining weight, albeit slowly. His tummy makes some of the loudest gurgling while he is eating. I try to keep him upright, so he can burp all the air out without puking. Seems to help.

Lita said...

maybe if Bosley had some digestive enzymes as well as the pro-b's? if he could maybe take them 1/2hr before eating or is that not likely? does the little guy need to have tests? fingers crossed he will outgrow whatever it is, as you hope.