Thursday, October 16, 2008

weight loss

If it was me losing weight, it would be a good thing. Unfortunately, it's Nadine.

Yesterday was a crazy day for me, and I didn't get to spend the time I wanted to with the itty bitties. I fed them in the morning, cleaned the boxes, and left the house. Back in at 1, fed, cleaned, and out again until about 9. I was beat. I fed, cleaned boxes and took only a short look around, to make sure everyone was ok, and I went off to bed. I didn't notice anything obvious going on.

Jet meets Buck

Nadine watches the fan

Tonight I weighed in, and all was fine, until I got to Norton. He was the same weight he was on Tuesday. Then I was shocked when I weighed Nadine. She was at 1.5 3/8 oz on Tuesday, and had dropped to 1.2 oz tonight. I picked her up, and noticed she had that sort of limp feel of a kitten that hasn't been eating. Kittens bellies are almost always full, and taught. Not Nadine. I checked for dehydration, by pulling the skin up on the back of her neck, and watching to see if it snapped back, or if it stayed pinched for a few seconds after letting go. Seemed ok. Checked her gums to see if they looked dry or white. Looked OK, but I gave her 3ml of subQ fluids anyway, to be safe. Dabbed some Nutrical on her nose, so she could get some calories in her, and "primed" her with some water reduced Avoderm canned food by squirting some in her mouth with a syringe. I sat her down in front of the food, and she did eat some. Not much, but some. I will see how she is in the morning, weigh her again, and see if I can get her seen by a vet.

Nadine still has the energy to get a little play time in

Niles and Norton play in the basket of clean towels

Ebony on the condo

Everyone else seems OK. After dinner, Ebony immediately climbed to her favorite spot on my shoulder. Jet and Norton played, and so did Niles. Nadine even played for a little while. I hope she is better tomorrow.