Monday, May 30, 2011

sad news

I had to leave town suddenly on Thursday, and of course, I had to leave with a sick kitten on board. Fracas was not doing well. Eyes were bad, weight was dropping, and if you know about little ones, less than a pound, this is not a good sign.

The others had both gone through some sneezing and goopy eyes, but they got past it easily. Fracas was not so lucky. I was not happy to have to leave her, but there weren't many options. Another fosterer took them for the time I was gone. I felt horrible leaving her with a sick kitten, and I felt horrible leaving the sick kitten.

She passed away quietly Friday evening. I really wasn't hopeful she would make it. After a while, you kinda just know.

RIP Fracas.

Tempest, Chaos and Mayhem are back, and besides a little eye goop, they all look pretty good. I HOPE we won't be needing to make any more transfers again, until they all go back to the shelter. There are no plans in my future to travel, but this last trip was a last minute one too, so who knows?

Tempest chills while taking a break from the oranges.

I will get the kitty cam back up too. I need to see where they will end up, as I am sure Tempest is going to be a little frazzled with her travels, and could do some shuffling. Maybe we will get a spot with more light this go round. She seems to like under the chair at this time.

The new "nest".

Mayhem explores.