Thursday, October 29, 2009

angels and screamers go to the vet

The itty bitties had their first "well baby" check up today, all got weighed in, and made sure everything seemed normal. Weighs for the Angels ranged from 1.5lbs, to 1.9. The two orange tabby screamers were both 8oz, and Bosley was 11oz. The screamers are eating like pigs, although Bosley struggles to latch on sometimes. Oh, and all 3 of the screamers are boys. Now I need 2 names for the orange loud mouths!

The Angels were veery well behaved, and don't mind riding in the carrier at all. They just snuggle up, and sleep. Can't say as much for the screamers!

Decided to take a couple of videos of the little screamers having lunch today. Love to watch the little ears when they latch on and get some good suction!