Thursday, October 29, 2009

angels and screamers go to the vet

The itty bitties had their first "well baby" check up today, all got weighed in, and made sure everything seemed normal. Weighs for the Angels ranged from 1.5lbs, to 1.9. The two orange tabby screamers were both 8oz, and Bosley was 11oz. The screamers are eating like pigs, although Bosley struggles to latch on sometimes. Oh, and all 3 of the screamers are boys. Now I need 2 names for the orange loud mouths!

The Angels were veery well behaved, and don't mind riding in the carrier at all. They just snuggle up, and sleep. Can't say as much for the screamers!

Decided to take a couple of videos of the little screamers having lunch today. Love to watch the little ears when they latch on and get some good suction!



Angel and Kirby said...

We are glad they are all well. it is fun to watch them eat!

Anonymous said...

They're growing boys, and we're glad to hear they're doing fine so far.

Diane said...

Ooohh so cute! Thanks for the videos. Glad they are doing well!

Those screamers sound like my Roxy when the food bowl gets less than full. I call her the food bowl police! It drives me nuts! She's 11 now and is a former feral... guess she has never forgotten about not having food when she was little.

I was telling a friend about your new additions and she said that for some reason orange tabbys tend to be boys... has that been your experience?

quiltcat said...

what cute babies! i heard some baby kitten mewing but not screaming...maybe as they eat and grow and become more secure they won't scream as much!

Nadine said...

Aww, cute little screamers - they will grow up to be big and strong (and hopefully less screamy :-))

Jamie: The first Angel names that came to my mind were Sendmean and Theremustbean. I guess I have to re-think this ...

Diane: It's true that orange cats tend to be boys. That's because orange boys only need to inherit the "orange color" gene from one parent, but for orange girls both parents must be orange (or at least black-and-orange, i.e. tortie). If one parent is black, you'll get tortie girls instead.

Jamie said...

They are cute, and loud. :) The first litter I ever fostered was 6 orange tabbies. 3 boys and 3 girls. Someone else told me it was rare. I have not ever seen another female come through.

I am having issues with Bosley latching on. I am not getting enough food in the little guy. Any suggestions? I have been using the syringe to get something in him, but it is a slow process.

gottagopractice said...

Did I read that you prepare the nipple by cutting an X? I have better luck with cutting the tip completely off, leaving a 1/4 - 3/8" nipple but completely open at the tip. I also like the smaller plastic bottles, as it seems easier for wee ones to get a suction lock on it and I can help by squeezing.

When using a syringe, I like the 3 cc size best. Yes, you have to fill multiple times (hopefully) but because it expresses at lower pressure than the bigger sizes, it's better tolerated, and therefore feeding tends to go faster.


HubbleSpacePaws said...

ded from teh cute!

Oh my gosh, the little ear action, paw action, eye action!! How do you stand it, Jamie! These videos were great!

I'm so glad gottagopractice had some ideas. I've only bottle fed once and he was a greedy gus. Might your vet have any ideas?

Jamie said...

I actually have been doing just that. I uses the smaller syringe, and it is tolerated fairly well. I tried the larger one, but it is awkward to deal with. The bottle I have is a hard plastic one, but tonight I went and picked up a new one, the kind I normally use, and I did cut a pretty good hole in the top! It is easier to squeeze a bit from the bottle into Bosley's mouth, and he seems eager to lap it up. The other two obviously have no latching on issues! They would choke if I gave them a bottle with a big hole in the nipple!