Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Angels have arrived

I decided to call these 3 girls the Angels. That being said, I decided to name them Sabrina, Dylan and Alex. I know, I know. I mixed the movie Angels with the old show Angels. I had to. I have already had a Natalie, and I just didn't want a Jill or a Kelly. So sue me!



These girls come from Woodbridge. They were part of a feral colony down there. Started off as 6. 2 died, and one we think was taken somewhere else by one of the neighbors. I believe Mom goes in to be spayed next week. Good! This is her second litter, and she is only 3. (If that!)


I am taking them in tomorrow to get them in the foster program. Decided to wait until the volunteer coordinator got back in town. She knows they are coming, so hopefully I can be in and out after a quick bit of bloodwork, and they won't have to be there long.

All 3 Angels waking up from a nap

They are a little timid, but getting better already. Never have heard a hiss out of them. Dylan is the most playful and friendly so far. She loves to be brushed and purrs when you touch her. They other 2 purr, but they take a little warming up.
I was a little worried about them at first. They were all pretty mellow, and didn't play much. While I was in my office last night I heard them playing with the balls with the bells in them, so I am less worried. They do play when I am in there now too.

All 3 have very fat, round wormy bellies. (probably why they are a little lethargic.) I have already given them 2 treatments of panacure, so hopefully that will take care of the worms. They will get 1 or 3 more doses (I can't remember off the top of my head) and another treatment in a couple of weeks. They don't fight me as much as the last bunch! I have a feeling they will learn to!

This could be the last litter of the season. (Where have I heard that before?)