Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More bad news

Well, the vet came to see Robyn today, and she didn't have much good news. They think there is a possibility she has Feline panleukopenia. It's not good, and has a high mortality rate. She is lethargic, and dehydrated, not eating and has bloody stool. (Sorry for all the poop talk, but welcome to my life!)

I am keeping her at least for the night, and we will see how she does before we make any decisions. I am going to really pump her with medication, fluids and basically force feed her to see if we can beat this thing. She seems to feel a bit better after some meds earlier today, and a huge dose of subQ fluids. She has been in my office with me this afternoon, and has been rubbing all over me, climbing up on on my shoulder, purring her head off.

She might not feel good, but she can't get enough of Bentley. Here is how she greeted him this afternoon.