Tuesday, February 24, 2009

what was i saying?

Did I not just say yesterday how winter was a time to recharge, and it was good to not have kittens? Not 10 minutes after I posted, I got an e-mail from the shelter that they had a mama cat that was right then giving birth, and they needed someone to foster her! So, tonight I picked up this beautiful little mama and her 5 itty bitties! She is very sweet, and loves attention. She is quite a good mama, keeping a close eye on her brood. I went to dinner about an hour after I got them all settled in, and when I got back, she had moved them all to where she wanted them, which was not a very comfortable place. I put them all back in their bed, and moved the bed next to where she had moved them. Hopefully she will decide it's an OK place to stay!
(note: I heard mewing a second ago, and she had moved them all back to "her" spot. I did think that might happen, so I at least padded it down with soft towels.)

Mama came to us named Lana. I am not crazy about it, and I will probably change it pretty quickly. The little ones do not have names yet, and it's a little early to tell who are boys and who are girls. Maybe in a day or two we can work on that.

I will get baby close ups tomorrow.

Without further ado, here they are.

Mama decided to move!