Monday, May 25, 2009

long weekend

It was a long weekend for the office workers. Late Friday, it seemed everyone but Dwight had some really loose stool. Pam's was almost liquid, and Dwight's was almost normal, and everyone else's was somewhere in between. Of course, this was Friday of a long weekend. Saturday was about the same, and all but Dwight had a small weight loss. I was of course concerned about dehydration, so I continued to closely monitor them all weekend, checking on them every couple of hours. As of tonight, Pam's stool was actually formed, and she had gained a little weight back. The only one that has not gained yet is Michael, but he is still acting fine, as are the rest of them. Maybe we have gotten through this without the help of medication. (fingers crossed). Of course, they just finished their Panacure, so maybe that helped. Who knows?

Pam has figured out how to get on the first floor of the condo.

Dwight looks like he is wearing a jester's collar with the dried "soup" on his neck.

Jim's shyness seems to be lessening. He is still not happy about being picked up, but he purrs when you pet him, and like all the rest, he is happy to climb on me when I sit down in the floor. They all are a little too skittish with noises, so I will need to work on that.

Jim attacks invisible intruders.

Pam playing peek-a-boo.

Michael (Mikey) is the only one who still seems to not be back on track yet, but as you can see, he is eating just fine! He and Dwight dove into dinner (literally) tonight, and then wanted to crawl all over me to take a bath. I decided to help them both out with a baby wipe. Dwight looked like he had been swimming in it earlier, and had some dried "soup" on his chest. They could all use a real bath, but I will wait until the stool issues are all past.

Mikey has no issues with not eating.

Dwight went swimming in the gruel bowl too.

Mikey looks like he has hit the "mash" a little too often.

I think it is really cute that the Workers all still sleep in the carrier. I took the door off when I brought them here, and they still all sleep in it. I snuck in today and snapped this picture, with Pam laying halfway out. Dwight heard me open the door, and jumped out over her before I could take it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

workers working it

I am quickly becoming enamored with the workers. They all have such different personalities, but they are all very active, if a bit wobbly still.

The one who most likes to be held is Michael. He purrs and purrs when you pick him up and scratch his head. When I put him down, he wants to climb right back up. His climbing skills are still not up to snuff, but he tries! He is always the first to come running.

Mikey hangs out in the hammock

Mikey hangs out in the carrier

Mikey climbs back up for more attention

Pam likes attention, but not so much to be held. I think she is too ADD for that. She wiggles and squirms to get down, but will purr when you stroke and scratch her while her feet are on the ground. She is very brave, attacking any toy, or fluff that might move, or toes that might wiggle! (Note to self...always wear socks!)

Pam slurps down her gruel, a combo of canned food, and milk replacement

Pam waits in the litter box for the next innocent bystander to stroll by

Pam tries to engage Jim in a little smackdown

Pam takes a breather between rounds

Dwight is the littlest guy. He will stand to be held, but doesn't seem all that happy about it. I haven't heard a purr yet, but he doesn't mind any one to one attention either.

Dwight tries to help Mikey out with his weight

Dwight didn't take long to figure out the equipment

Dwight has Jim on the ropes in this smackdown

Jim is the biggest of the itty bitties. He is also the most skittish. He is a bit timid, but no hissing. He hates to be held,but is getting better about getting scratched when he has all 4 feet on the ground. He needs a bit more intense therapy.

Jim extracts himself from under the cart

Jim watches this smackdown from the "ropes"

Jim needs a face wash

You can see where the shelter put different colors of paint on top of the boys heads. I guess they couldn't tell them apart, but it's really not needed. They all look different. Dwight has only a sliver of white on his face, and Jim has all black on his back, while Michael (Mikey) has a lot of white on his back. After a few returns to this blog, you will really be able to tell the difference.
: )

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the homies

I almost forgot! When we went to pick up the office workers, we got a chance to see Dot and Sage. They had just come back from Spay day, and were happy to see us. We took them in the play room, and played for a while, and they seem to be doing just fine. As for the other 3, my "Little Divas," they are all 3 adopted! Yay! And the very best news? Sierra was also adopted, along with another older cat. I am so happy that Sierra won't languish there all summer, while all the cute little kittens get adopted first.

Sierra went to a forever home!

The Office Workers were all in the carrier when I got in this afternoon. They came out to pee, poop and play when I came in. They all seem to be doing well.

Jim looks startled

Pam gives my pant leg a good bite

Dwight inspects the crunchies

Michael (Mike) chases a mouse

office workers in the house!

Got the newest litter in last night. 4 little ones, 3 boys, black and whites, and 1 calico girl. They are about 4-5 weeks old, still wobbly, but very active. All are fat and seem to have been well taken care of.

You may be wondering about the name of this clan. Well, they came to me with individual names already. Pam, Dwight, Jim and Michael. If you watch the show The Office, these names will sound very familiar.

Jim & Michael

Michael...or is that Jim?

Pam and Dwight crash for the night.

Pam is the leader of the pack for sure. She is the first one to come running when you come in the room, and she is a bit bossy. I don't have the paperwork in front of me, so I can't remember which one is Jim and which is Michael, but the one with more white is the smallest, just under 1lb, and the other 3 are slightly over 1lb.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

homies have left the building

Yes, the homies are outta here! Well, at least Kelsey, Hogan and Halicy are gone. Sage and Dot will be heading out tomorrow. Sage is still not to weight, but I am leaving town for the weekend, so back they go. Dot was only here to keep her company. She could have gone back on Monday with the rest of them.

Dot licks her chops after dinner.

Sage is on the prowl, watching out for Buck.

Buck springs out from under the bed in a sneak attack.

They have been enjoying themselves since the siblings went back. They cry to come out, so they have been spending time with free reign of the upstairs, running up and down the hall and hopping from chair, to table to desk in my office. They have been living it up, for sure. As I sit here now, I hear the pitter patter of elephant feet, running up and down the hall! I hope they can go on view for the weekend. I want them to be adopted asap.

Kelsey attacks the bell ball.

Then assumes her princess position.

Hogan contemplates the "Field Trip" I told him about. I left out the neuter part.

Halicy and Sage have one last smackdown before Halicy heads off to the shelter.

<Halicy makes her way through the maze of toys and panacure spots.

Friday, May 8, 2009

better late than never

OK...OK. I have gotten the complaints about my lack of blogs this week, and the itty bitty withdrawal! I have been busy, so now I am making up for it! Sorry for the delay. If you really need a fix, visit 50kittens, and see how those guys are doing.

The Homies are all doing well. My straggler is Sage, who just isn't really gaining weight. I have decided to get them all on another round of Panacure, so hopefully, she will surge, and all will go back to the shelter in time for the next spay day on tuesday. They are going to have to go back this coming week, because we are going away for the weekend, so come on Sage! Get with the program!

Sage is stubborn, but is a sweetie.

Other than Sages lag in weight gain, all are happy and healthy. Quite a few people have checked out the blog recently, and more than one person has expressed an interest in Hogan. He is a beautiful kitten, for sure, but don't discount the cuteness of the other 4. Sage and Halicy have the greatest personalities, Kelsey is a wild one, and Dot is happy to sit in you lap as long as you will stay there. I am sure they will all find great homes too. Who can resist?

Sage, Dot and Kelsey hang out in the hammock.

Looking innocent...

Looking for trouble!

The Kelsey Show, staring, Kelsey! She found the "bucket" in the kitty condo.

Look at Hogan prance.

He's too sexy for this room...

Bentley wants to see the itty bitties.

Hogan asks Halicy if she saw what was under that door.

Bentley startles Halicy. "Weren't you just behind door number 2?

Dot says, "Don't you want to take me home?"