Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the homies

I almost forgot! When we went to pick up the office workers, we got a chance to see Dot and Sage. They had just come back from Spay day, and were happy to see us. We took them in the play room, and played for a while, and they seem to be doing just fine. As for the other 3, my "Little Divas," they are all 3 adopted! Yay! And the very best news? Sierra was also adopted, along with another older cat. I am so happy that Sierra won't languish there all summer, while all the cute little kittens get adopted first.

Sierra went to a forever home!

The Office Workers were all in the carrier when I got in this afternoon. They came out to pee, poop and play when I came in. They all seem to be doing well.

Jim looks startled

Pam gives my pant leg a good bite

Dwight inspects the crunchies

Michael (Mike) chases a mouse

office workers in the house!

Got the newest litter in last night. 4 little ones, 3 boys, black and whites, and 1 calico girl. They are about 4-5 weeks old, still wobbly, but very active. All are fat and seem to have been well taken care of.

You may be wondering about the name of this clan. Well, they came to me with individual names already. Pam, Dwight, Jim and Michael. If you watch the show The Office, these names will sound very familiar.

Jim & Michael

Michael...or is that Jim?

Pam and Dwight crash for the night.

Pam is the leader of the pack for sure. She is the first one to come running when you come in the room, and she is a bit bossy. I don't have the paperwork in front of me, so I can't remember which one is Jim and which is Michael, but the one with more white is the smallest, just under 1lb, and the other 3 are slightly over 1lb.