Monday, October 18, 2010

blue eyes

 Looks like the little light colored Whos will be keeping their blue eyes.  Martha May Whovier will most likely have green eyes like her mama, but the others will have siamese blue eyes. They will be scooped up as soon as they go on view.
To the top!
Head on a platter?

They are all very active now, and really into exploring. (i.e, making a mess!) They love the little scratching pole, and mastered climbing it early on.
Bishop claims HIS bucket
Who, me?

Bosley finally discovered that he liked the "bucket" on the kitty condo. Bishop spent an hour or 2 ticked off that Bosley was in "his" bucket. He finally decided to take it back. He was nice enough to share. We actually had to get a condo with 2 of them, because even if Bishop was in the bucket, Buck would lay on top of him. I would hear Bishop almost gaging, as Buck would pin his neck on the rim! At 15 pounds, Buck is a big boy! Now there are 2, and peace reigns again.