Tuesday, March 24, 2009

mere mortals

It's true. The Homies have lost their super powers. They no longer posses the ability to scale tall people by climbing up their pants legs. They got their nails clipped today.

Kelsey and Halicy climb aboard.

You may not know that kittens are born unable to retract their claws. These guys actually turned 4 weeks old yesterday, and although they can retract their claws now, they they enjoy bearing them, and using them to get as close to your face as possible. I had just about enough snags in my shirts, so snip snip, all 50 front claws have been snipped off to a blunt tip.

Kittens are also all born with blue eyes. I would have expected these guys eyes to start to change by now, but looking at this picture of Sage, her eyes are still pretty bright blue. Maybe they will stay that way. Hard to say, and Sierra's eyes are so bright green, but depending on the light in the room, they can look a sort of aqua blue color. That would be nice to see some blue eyes in this litter.

Blue eyes?

All seems well with the Homies. The weights range from a tiny little 13.5 oz, (Halicy) to a huge, 1lb., 2.5oz (Hogan). Everyone is gaining nicely, although some more than others. There was a time when Halicy and Kelsey were the smallest, but I thought there was something wrong with the scale today when I realized that Kelsey is almost as big as Hogan. She is over 1lb already! Of course, she always has her face in a bowl of food, so it stands to reason.

Hogan is Mr. Photogenic.

I saw Ted and Martha, from 50kittens.com today, at a volunteer appreciation night at the shelter, and we were talking about the Bottle Rockets, and the Homies, and what they are doing now. They said the Rockets were interested in toys, and they were surprised at that. Tonight, Kelsey was quite entertaining with the ball with the bell in it. She was having a good old time playing. I think the Rockets are about a week older, so it seems to me like they are right on target.

Kelsey play time.

Kelsey was totally out when I snapped this shot.

Hogan climbs Mt. Towels.

Dot hangs in the scale bowl...

and climbs onto my lap.

I did without a flash to catch Sierra with her eyes open.