Thursday, March 12, 2009

little clowns

The bottle rockets are doing just fine. They are both coming into their own now, and are pretty content. I think I am going to have to break out the playpen soon, as they will be climbing out of the laundry basket any day now.

Caddo has dinner.

The Rocket boys sleep



At the 1:30 feeding this morning, much to my surprise and delight, Caddo was dry! OK, he still smelled pretty bad, but he didn't wet himself. Couldn't say that at 6:30. I had Joy microwave the heaters, and I changed the towels, and gave the boys their bottle. Pee-Eww. After a burping, and stimulation to TRY to get all the pee out of Caddo, he got another bath. I think he feels so much better after it that he doesn't mind it so much. Plus, that warm water probably feels good too.

Still a bit damp from this morning's bath.

Arnie Sleeps

Arnie bites Caddo in Kitty Smackdown.

More smackdown.

First time since he has been here, Caddo pooped. If you have never been around a little kitten, you might think he was in distress. Babies cry when they poop, like they are in a great deal of pain. I don't think they are, but they do make quite the scene. Anyway, everything "came out fine."

Joy spent some quality time with Sierra and crew in the kitty room, since I have been spending a lot of time with the bottle rockets. She got some great shots. Sierra seems to have gotten over the trauma of the impostors, and is back to being a great mama.
It is just cuteness overload!





Dot makes it known she is NOT pleased.