Friday, March 30, 2012

Pancito has arrived

We drove to Philly on Saturday morning. Our friend Evi volunteered to drive to LaGuardia on Saturday night (a two hour drive for her) to pick up Pancito from his escorts...4 vet students from Cornell. We spent the day checking out the Müdder Museum, visiting Joy's nephew who happened to be in Philly that weekend, and just being excited!

We decided to eat dinner at a Ruby Tuesdays next door to our hotel, and while we were there, we saw a video that the woman that rescued Pancito had made. It was so sweet, and sad. They really love him, and were missing him already. (I understand how hard that can be!) We sat at the table blubbering over our dinner watching it on my phone. You can watch it here.

Sunday morning we got up, and headed off to pick Pancito up. We were WAY early when we got close, so we stopped in Bethlehem PA and walked around a little. (very little, since we never checked the weather report, and packed for 70º days, when in fact it was 40º weather!) We decided to have breakfast at the historic Bethlehem Hotel. Wow. What a place! If you are ever in the area, even if you are not up for a meal, or need a room, take a stroll through this place. It is beautiful.
View of the Brunch Area

So, after breakfast, we made the last 5 minute trip to meet our newest addition. He is pretty adorable. Even though he was in all new surroundings, he was happily running around the yard with Esperanza, the little dog that Evi adopted from Mexico. They played and we talked for about an hour before we headed back home.

Right after we pulled away, he started to whine and cry. I am sure he was upset to leave the company of Espi. They were having a great time, and he didn't know us from Adam. Before we got out of the neighborhood though, he quieted down, and conked out. We stopped a few times on the way home, and he was very good. He is already house trained, and we haven't had any accidents, which is awesome.

We arrived home about 5 PM, and he got to meet Bentley. We know Bentley is very good with other dogs, but we are always nervous when introducing him to a new one, especially since this one was going to be a permanent resident. No need to worry at all. They got along right away. Bentley is always happy for some play time. He keeps Pancito in line, and both of them are worn out!

The first meeting

"Rub my belly!"

Bentley catches a break 

Bishop doesn't mind him

Claiming a sofa spot

Still no kittens...and now I hope we don't get any for a while. I think we have our hands full!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

still waiting

Here we are in March, and even with an extremely warm kittens yet. It's probably just as well. We have decided to adopt another dog. This one is from Mexico. I am the biggest sucker ever.

Pancito, when he was rescued from the streets of Mexico
Pancito is near the Cancun area, and was found on the street, all alone, with a distended belly, fleas, and unloved. A very kind woman rescued him, and working with another group in Mexico has gotten him neutered, and is having all his vaccines done, and found an escort to bring him to the USA. We don't know exactly when he will be arriving (around the end of March) or where we will need to go to pick him up, but we will be ready!

Pancito after a few weeks of the loving care of his rescuer
How did I find out about this dog in Mexico? Well, it's a long story! My friend Evi, her Mom and her son vacation in Mexico each summer. They happened to find an organization there called Coco's Cat Rescue. They open their doors daily for cat cuddling, so off went Evi and family to cuddle with some cats. While there, they were told this story...

Coco's got a call the day before, about 3 kittens they had at the pound. If they wanted them, come and get them or they would be euthanized the next day. So, Coco's went to get the 3 kittens. When they arrived, they saw that the 3 kittens were being nursed by a dog! They decided to take the dog and the kittens back to Coco's. Evi saw the dog, and the kittens, and she and her son fell in love. They decided then and there, when the kittens were weaned, and after the dog was spayed and had all her vaccinations, they would adopt her. They did, and that little sad street dog is now living the life! She even has her own facebook page! Her name? Esperanza. (Espi) Spanish for Hope.

Esperanza before, with her kittens, and after with her boy, Danny
So, Evi is always posting about Coco's and another rescue group in Mexico, the one that arranged for Espi's flight to the US. I see all the posts, and some of the animals have just been thrown away. It's very sad, but the after photos are amazing. They do great work, and have little resources. She posted a photo of Pancito (muffin) and said he was so cute, he would be adopted quickly. A few weeks later, I saw another post about how she couldn't believe he was still not adopted. That was it. I was hooked. So, by April we should have a new addition to our not so little family.