Friday, September 10, 2010

meet the whos

Here they are. The Who's.
This mama, with 3 day old kittens, came here with the name Cindy. No offense to any Cindy's out there, but that name is just too...vanilla. So, since Cindy is very tiny herself, I decided to call her Cindy Lou Who.

Cindy Lou Who.

As you can see, she is a very lovely cat. (She looks a little mean, but she is very pretty) She seems to be a very young mother, probably from the wrong side of the tracks. I am sure she used her exotic beauty and clever wit to attract a very handsome "baby daddy".

The "Family Who"

She is a bit unsure, a sign of her inexperience. She wants love, but is very protective of her babies. She hisses and growls, while doing her best to rub all over me. After a day at Casa de Gato, she has little fear left, and is all about the food, and the love!

The lone kitten who looks related to mama.

By the look of 3/4 of this brood, the baby daddy is possibly some sort of Siamese cat...a traveling man no doubt. One baby looks a lot like Cindy Lou, while the other 3 are mostly white, with faint stripes, and some darker coloring on the ears.

Couple of really light colored babies.

I have no doubt this little family will do just fine here. Once the boys go back on Monday, they will move into my office for the rest of their time her...which will most likely put us into December! Once these little ones get a little bigger, and we can tell the boys from the girls, we will give them names!