Monday, October 27, 2008

gaining steady

The itty bitties are all gaining, and I am finding mostly solid normal stools in the litter box, which makes me very happy. Jet is still the biggest, and exudes personality. Nadine is still the smallest, but is back over 1.3. They are all very affectionate, and when they finally go back, I know they will be adopted quickly.

Message to Deb D., from Jet..."I want to come live with you!" (I think I heard Ebony saying the same thing...)

Buck and I had a great game of paper ball fetch tonight. Freaked the itty bitties out a little, but they weren't too scared to watch. (Notice the poofed out tails!)
Jet stole the ball, and Buck watched until he saw his chance to get it back.

The running of the elephants continues each night, and the cries in the morning start now about 4:30AM. I no longer get up to check on them, but my ears are so attuned to the sound of kitty cries, it always wakes me up. I gave in today, and got up at 5:30.