Thursday, April 23, 2009

vaccinations and such

The itty bitties got their vaccinations yesterday. They were quite brave, and there was only a little blood...and it belonged to me. Note to self...cut kittens nails the morning BEFORE vaccinations!

Sierra went on view yesterday too, so that was great news. I sent them some better photos, so she will look so beautiful, everyone will want to adopt her. I need to write a nice little blurb about her too.

Halicy has decided she not only likes to climb up on my shoulder, but likes to climb on the top of my head. Of course, if SHE gets to get on my head, Sage has to climb up there too. Then there is a power struggle.


Sage playing

Even after vaccinations, all the itty bitties seem to be more than happy to have attention lavished on them. This is a good thing, since they are inching ever closer to the 2lbs, 8oz mark for spay/neuter. They have to begin the special training for going on view...


Hogan in a trance.

Kelsey climbing up my leg.

They will now begin extreme cuteness training. Run to anyone that opens the door...paw through the cage bars to attract attention...cry if that doesn't work. Yes indeed. This week begins extreme cuteness training.