Wednesday, March 18, 2009

tough love

I am trying to be a good mama cat. I am trying to ignore the pleas for the bottle. I realized yesterday that Sierra is already weaning the Homesteaders. I have left some canned food in a bowl in there for them, and I add some of the leftover formula to it and mix it in, thinking Sierra was probably eating it. I saw Sage eating it, so I know I am behind schedule with the Rockets. Last night I left a bowl of said mixture, and this morning, there was less than when I put it there. Good news!

The bad news is Arnie still has the squirts, and they are worse. AND, he has decided he likes privacy when he poops. That means under my desk, or behind the stereo stand...and it is nasty. I think it's time for the vet. He is still gaining, and playing, so I am not too worried about him yet. I have now blocked off every nook and cranny in my office, and put the litter box under a chair, so hopefully Arnie will decide that will be fine.

I need to spend some more time with the Homesteaders tomorrow. I noticed they were a little skittish to noise, and fast moves. I think it's time to get the neighborhood kids to come play.

Hogan, looking rather stoic.

Sierra looks as tired as me.

Nuf said.

What happened to Halicy's neck?