Friday, April 10, 2009


Took the Itty Bitties to the vet today. At least 2 of them have liquid diarrhea. Saw Halicy and Dot use the box, and they both were pretty messy, so hopefully, the Metronidazole will make quick work of the poop issues. Dot also has ear mites, so they all will be getting treated for that too. Fun stuff. Plus, they all got started today on Panacure, for round 2, so they will NOT be happy with me for the next week.

Looks like the Metronidazole did the trick over at 50kittens too. The Bottle Rockets look like they are past their vomit and poop issues.

Other than that, all is well here at Itty Bitty Central.

More playtime with Dot and Sage

Halicy looking princess-like

All tired out after the vet visit.


Kelsey and Halicy.