Monday, December 15, 2008

creating monsters

OK, they aren't really monsters. But we have now got 2 screamers on our hands. We let the itty bitties out to run the upstairs yesterday, and now whenever they hear anyone, they scream to be let out! But only the two true siblings. Cleo is quiet, but makes the mad dash when the door opens. Detroit and Beulah cry, cry, cry! The funny thing is, when Beulah is out, she cries at my feet to be picked up.

Beulah waits for the perfect moment to jump Detroit

Beulah eyes the mouse, ready to attack

Beulah shows off her ability to untie bows

Detroit and Cleo practice their synchronized toy attack

Beulah keeps her toy mouse hidden from the others

I am still concerned with Beulah. She is not gaining weight. She isn't losing, but she isn't gaining either. Detroit is officially at 2 and a half lbs, and Beulah is still under 2. She is still playing, and bright eyed as you can see, but she is not as active as she has been. I am going to do what fellow foster Ted and Martha do, and call Cap'n Tuna! Tuna for cats. If that doesn't work, off to the vet she goes.