Monday, March 16, 2009


I have been worried about the Rockets, because Caddo had not pooped in a couple of days, and Arnie has not been eating well, and had lost some weight. Well, today Arnie gained some weight back, and Caddo pooped! (We talk about poop a lot around here, so get used to it!) Well, he cried, and cried, and then I had to give him a little "help" if you will...and he pooped out something that was as hard as a rock. Poor little guy. Hopefully the rest of what's in there will be easier to deal with.

Another little bit of progress, Arnie ate, and liked, a little bit of canned food mixed with formula. Granted, I had to put it in his mouth with a syringe, but he liked it, and ate 4 or 5 "servings" of it. Caddo is not convinced just yet, but he did give it a try.
They both look like they are doing OK to me.

In the homestead, we are still trying to get used to the whole litter box thing. I took this beautiful photo of Halicy...right after she peed in the floor. Oh well...Nature's Miracle.

Everybody into the pool?

It's hard to get good pix of the Homesteaders because as soon as I go in and sit down, they ALL come screaming, and looking for a bottle. I have been supplementing them, since Halicy was losing weight, but man, they are relentless, and Sierra is almost as bad. She is so starved for attention, she head butted my camera just as I was taking a picture tonight. I did get a couple of good pictures though, and they are still just as cute.
I couldn't get a picture of Kelsey, since she was clinging to my shirt and screaming the whole time I was in the room.