Tuesday, August 17, 2010

back by popular demand!

I TOLD you not to call me here!

Yes, Bosley is back on the blog. He never went away really, but was on itty bitty hiatus. There is some jealousy issues with the Hissy Fits at first, but Bosley gets a lot of lap time in the evenings, so we have worked it out. ;)

Total cuteness.

The Hissy Fits are doing well. The "Island Girls" are fairly well socialized. Belize cries for attention, and is the least afraid of loud noises or sudden moves. The tortie girls are still a little "spooky" but once you start petting, they both turn into little purr machines, and can't get enough.

The Boys are still afraid, but less so. They were put on another round of Panacure, so they just haven't had a chance to trust me. Even so, they come out, and play even if I am in the room, so that is a plus.

The girls are about to weight, but I will keep them all together. Gadget likes to sleep with the tortie girls, and Inspector and Belize play together a lot, so I won't split them up just yet. I will have them for another couple of weeks.