Friday, September 26, 2008

movin' on up

All is well with the itty bitties today. Everyone is growing, and happy. Mama is still very shy, but loves to be stroked, and scratched under her chin. I wish I could spend longer amounts of time with her. She is probably ready to go back, but I was there today (the shelter) and there are SO many cats and kittens, I am worried she will be over looked. She is better off here.

We are heading off to vacation for a week, but we have a house sitter that will be here taking care of our cats, and the itty bitties. She will be fine, and this crew has been pretty easy. (I say again at the risk of jinxing myself). I am sure everyone will be close to weight if not already there. Right now they are all over 2 lbs, and growing steady.

Bentley will be with us, so the resident cats will get a break too.

Greer catches some air!

Gibby shows his little soft underbelly

These 3 photos were snapped rapid fire, and are here in order. I have no idea what is up with that middle photo. That Gwen is a nut!

The girls play hide and seek with Buck

Gibby gets the best of the shower curtain

Gibby looks like he is scowling as he exits the bathroom.