Friday, October 30, 2009

loud vs. quiet

The Angels are aptly named it seems. They are the most low key, quiet and content kittens I think I have ever seen! They don't rush the door, they hang out on the condo, in the tent most of the time, but are easily drawn out to play. Dylan loves to be brushed. She will roll herself into a knot to get you to keep brushing. Alex purrs when you brush her too, but not quite as excited about it as Dylan. Sabrina on the other hand just seems to tolerate it.

Sleeping in the condo tent

As I said before, I treated them already for worms, which is standard procedure. Most if not all the kittens I have fostered hate panacure, and I have 3 days in a row of cleaning up white spots off of everything as they shake their heads and spit it out. These guys just took it. They didn't like it, but no panacure spray! They They have been so easy, I knew it was too good to last. Tonight I saw some blood in the stool. Not unusual, but I need to keep an eye on it. I will do another round of Panacure in a week, to make sure we get all those worms!

Dylan primps after dinner

Alex has mouse fever

Sabrina looks mad that I woke her up

The screamers seem to be fine. They want to eat about every hour it seems. I need to break that cycle! Bosley has me worried. He is not latching on to the bottle, and I am not sure he is getting enough to eat. He has been shaking his head, and keeps swallowing over and over. Just a minute ago I heard crying from the rate, and expected to see one of the orange boys screaming for a snack, but it shocked me to see it was Bosley, obviously in distress. I believe he is nauseous. I may have to get him to the vet tomorrow. He is content right now just being held. Hope I can get some sleep tonight.

Oh, I decided on names for the screamers. Shaggy and Scooby. (one has longer hair, and I was calling him shaggy, so it just sorta worked out that way.

Sleeping Screamers

Thursday, October 29, 2009

angels and screamers go to the vet

The itty bitties had their first "well baby" check up today, all got weighed in, and made sure everything seemed normal. Weighs for the Angels ranged from 1.5lbs, to 1.9. The two orange tabby screamers were both 8oz, and Bosley was 11oz. The screamers are eating like pigs, although Bosley struggles to latch on sometimes. Oh, and all 3 of the screamers are boys. Now I need 2 names for the orange loud mouths!

The Angels were veery well behaved, and don't mind riding in the carrier at all. They just snuggle up, and sleep. Can't say as much for the screamers!

Decided to take a couple of videos of the little screamers having lunch today. Love to watch the little ears when they latch on and get some good suction!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

and then there were...six?

I took the Angels in today to get them into the "system" and bring them back home. I went in with 3, and before I left, I had 3 more in tow. Did I mention they were bottle babies? Did I also mention they are the loudest screamers I have ever heard? (and I have heard my fair share).

Sabrina peeps

Enter, the screamers! Now the little grey one is quiet. (I think it's a boy, but honestly, I have not had time to check!) The 2 orange tabbies are loud, and I mean loud! They screamed the whole time at the shelter, and the whole time in the lobby waiting for the angels to be checked in. On the way home, they screamed and screamed until I couldn't stand it any longer, and I pulled off the road, and grabbed the premixed bottle I just picked up, cut an x in the nipple with a pair of scissors I happened to have in the car, and I fed them! Finally, a little peace!

My day and evening were so crazy, I haven't even given them names yet. I think if the grey one is a boy, I will name him Bosley, in keeping with the Angel's theme. Maybe if the other 2 are girls, I will have a Kelly and a Jill.

The quiet one of the bunch

Everyone checked out OK, and all 6 have a vet appointment for tomorrow, just to make sure everything is A-OK. I need to get to bed. I have to get up 1:30 to feed 'em again! I hope they don't wake up the whole house. The crying is making Bentley crazy.

Alex wasted no time finding the "bucket"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Angels have arrived

I decided to call these 3 girls the Angels. That being said, I decided to name them Sabrina, Dylan and Alex. I know, I know. I mixed the movie Angels with the old show Angels. I had to. I have already had a Natalie, and I just didn't want a Jill or a Kelly. So sue me!



These girls come from Woodbridge. They were part of a feral colony down there. Started off as 6. 2 died, and one we think was taken somewhere else by one of the neighbors. I believe Mom goes in to be spayed next week. Good! This is her second litter, and she is only 3. (If that!)


I am taking them in tomorrow to get them in the foster program. Decided to wait until the volunteer coordinator got back in town. She knows they are coming, so hopefully I can be in and out after a quick bit of bloodwork, and they won't have to be there long.

All 3 Angels waking up from a nap

They are a little timid, but getting better already. Never have heard a hiss out of them. Dylan is the most playful and friendly so far. She loves to be brushed and purrs when you touch her. They other 2 purr, but they take a little warming up.
I was a little worried about them at first. They were all pretty mellow, and didn't play much. While I was in my office last night I heard them playing with the balls with the bells in them, so I am less worried. They do play when I am in there now too.

All 3 have very fat, round wormy bellies. (probably why they are a little lethargic.) I have already given them 2 treatments of panacure, so hopefully that will take care of the worms. They will get 1 or 3 more doses (I can't remember off the top of my head) and another treatment in a couple of weeks. They don't fight me as much as the last bunch! I have a feeling they will learn to!

This could be the last litter of the season. (Where have I heard that before?)

Monday, October 12, 2009

the big top has moved on

The Circus left town today. Yes, finally, the itty bitties (who were not so itty bitty anymore!) went back to the shelter for spay day tomorrow. With a little luck, they will be on view Wednesday, and adopted this weekend. I know, it's a lot to ask that all 7 get adopted so quick, but it could happen! They are mighty sweet.

Reno has made a huge recovery, and is actually pretty close to weight! She is half the size of her sister Vegas, but what she lacks in stature, she makes up for in belly! Look at the size of that thing! And no, it's not worms. She has been wormed 3 times. That is what I call making up for lost time belly. Here you can see how much smaller she is than her sister Vegas.

We head out on Thursday for a week and a half at the beach, so a little break from kittens...although the shelter has a single little guy who is quite the spitfire, hissing and spitting at everyone. I had half a mind to bring him home, and take him with us to the beach! But is supposed to be a vacation, and with my luck, he would get sick the first day there. Maybe when we get back they will have more, but honestly, I hope not. It's pretty cold for kittens now, so I hope they are done for the season.

Joy begged me to let us keep Vegas. She is such a sweet girl, it was hard to say good bye. Reno too. It's always hard when one is really sick, and you invest so much time getting them well, only to send them off on their own. I am sure they will all land well. They are all great kittens, and well behaved, aside from that whole climbing up your leg thing!

Enjoy the last pix of the circus.


Vegas finds Bishop's favorite toy mouse

Vegas likes to suckle Bentley's bed.

This scenario does not look good for Colonel!

Sergeant looks like he is pinned.

Sergeant and Reno from the other side of the stair rail.

Reno feeling better...

She gets in on the smack down between Albany and Colonel.

Reno has a burst of energy.


More Major.

The Itty Bitty Kitty Mafia.

Major takes a leap.

Major practices a karate move on Sergeant.

The Godfather. Look at those cheeks!

Colonel sits still long enough to get a picture.

Colonel is not afraid a no stinkin' dog!

Colonel takes on Bentley.

You will respect my authority!

Colonel aint afraid a no big cat!

Colonel aint afraid of no lizard! (I am detecting a pattern here)

Albany checks out Bentley.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

movin' on up

The weight, that is! Reno is finally gaining weight. Just 3 days ago, she weighed in at 1lb, 6 oz. I was really worried whether or not she was gonna make it. Even after 5 days of Metro, she was still not eating much, and her stool was clay colored and liquid.

Today, she weighed in at 1lb, 11oz! It is nothing short of amazing. All she had been doing was sleeping, and barely eating. Last night, and today, she actually played with a toy! She still tires easily, but (knock on wood) it seems she has finally turned the corner. Whew.

Last night, we had Ted and Martha over from 50 kittens. We have been in contact, passing information back and forth about Reno, so it was awesome that Reno got to come down and strut, since she was finally feeling better. They don't have any kittens right now, so I was happy to share! She was happy to get all the undivided attention.

As for the rest of the circus, they are all to weight, and could go back to be adopted...if the quarantine was lifted. I hope they do it this weekend. These guys need to go while they are still little. They are all adorable, so they should get picked up quick. Reno is gonna be here probably until we leave for vacation. Boy, is she gonna be spoiled.