Thursday, July 19, 2012

Empty Nester

Jimmy and Jammie
The last post I told you about Twinkie. He was pretty sick when he came in. By the next day, it was obvious to me he was pretty far gone. I was syringe feeding him, but he was not swallowing it. I was allowed to take him to the vet, and when they examined him, he was hardly able to hold himself up. There was food in his mouth still from the last time I had tried to feed him. There wasn't really anything anyone could do at that point. He passed quietly, in the hands of the foster coordinator. Very sad.

Back at home, Jimmy and Jammy were pretty much oblivious that there was ever another roommate with them at all. They were doing their own kitty thing. Crying every morning for hours, wanting to be let out of their room. It usually started around 5 AM. It got old pretty quickly. I started letting them out before I went to work, and in the evenings to run around. They were never concerned with Jessica's hissing, and they were never concerned with the 4 cats that live here, or the 3 dogs. Those little guys will be ready for anything.
Jimmy & Buck Chillin'

The boys find a warm place to snuggle
And speaking of ready, they both made weight and were neutered on Monday, and BOTH of them have already been adopted! Jammie went home with a friend of a friend, so hopefully we will get updates. They adopted another kitten from us about 3 years ago. Jake was a tuxedo cat. They adored him. One morning they got up, and Jake had passed away. No idea what happened, and they were heartbroken. They decided they were finally ready for another one, so they chose Jammie. We tried to talk them into taking both of the boys, but Jimmy looked too much like Jake, and they just felt like it was too much. They also have an older cat at home. I am sure he will be sleeping with her soon enough.  Jimmy went home with another kitten from the shelter, so they will both have playmates.
Jammie hides in the crock
Boz is still the king

That wasn't a typo about having 3 dogs here. We have had a friend staying here while he worked through a divorce, and his dog Kobe came to stay for a few weeks. He was a gentle giant, and fit in just fine while he was here. He left Tuesday, and will be heading to Texas. We will miss him, but the house was starting to get pretty small!

Pancito's platelets finally started to come back up! Yay! Still have a ways to go, but at least we are moving in the right direction. It's been a scary time (not to mention expensive!). We should have some more information back soon. Hopefully we can start to taper off those steroids soon.

So, right now we are at a normal level of animals:humans in this tiny little house. Our friend will be back on Sunday nigh, but he has his eye on a condo, so he will probably be heading out soon. I guess it isn't really like empty nesters. We still have 6 animals here full time.
"I know I heard a car door shut."