Friday, September 5, 2008

Looking up

Mama surprised me yesterday. I was in the room playing with the itty bitties, and I felt something by my back. All 3 babies were in view, so I looked, and it was her. I have been really trying to give her attention, but she is really shy and scared. Doesn't help that every time I pick her up I am sticking something down her throat. I am trying to really giver her attention when I am NOT giving her medication, so she doesn't only associate me with that, so I guess it's starting to pay off.

The babies are growing, and getting sweeter by the day. Gibby is always much happier to climb on me than he is to play with the charmer. The girls are all over that toy, and Gibby likes it too, but he is more of a lap cat.

I put the collars on Gwen and Gibby too. Only had one on Greer before, mainly so I could tell them apart. They were funny trying to figure out what the heck was around their necks. Didn't take them long to forget about them, but both of them were grabbing the tag in their mouths and walking around for a while. All kittens have ADD, so the trauma didn't last long.

Gwen, precollar