Friday, August 22, 2008

Last Day!

Well, the show is over. At least at my house. The itty bitties are no longer itty bitty, and they are going back to the shelter today! They are all 3 sweet, cute and love attention, so I have no doubt they will be adopted quickly. They are quite good at being charming, and all have loud purr boxes.

I am not sure what the fixation on the bathroom is. They do seem to like it, as you can see. Sully is quite the acrobat. He also likes to get on the counter downstairs, and leap from one section, over to the other. Ripley does it to, but she is 3, and quite a bit larger! He looks like a little flying squirrel.

So, I suppose this is my last post on these 3. Sullivan, Reuben and Natalie will be replaced by more, but at least not until Monday! In the mean time, I may fill these next couple of days worth of post with some past kittens, or even some of my own. I mean after all, Buck, Bishop and Bentley were all shelter animals, even though Buck was my only foster. (Ripley was sort of a foster, but never got to the shelter...someone gave her to me at about 4 weeks, and we just decided to keep her.)

Enjoy the last round of photos from this group, and we will begin a new chapter next week...