Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rolling thunder

The remaining Aliens are rolling along now. Seems whatever was causing all the gastric issues is on its way out, and all 3 are now over a pound each. Jessica is still smaller, but she is the kittah that wants to be in your lap. Between that and the fact that she is never still, it's hard to get a good photo of her.
Close up!

Moving target

Jessica in a still moment.

Jolie is less kitten-like of the three, but she has her playful moments....snoozing is still her speciality though.
Jolie is a couch potato

Kanya is the crazy one. He loves the fleece string toy the most and does his catzilla impression when he plays with it.

Getting into something...
My niece and her husband are considering adopting 2 kittens, maybe 2 of the aliens. Question is, which 2? They are all adorable so how do you choose? Good luck with that!

Kanya STILL has alien eyes