Saturday, August 9, 2008

More fun

My friend Michele came over Friday with her 14 month old son, Brennan. He was overwhelmed with all the animals, but his favorite was Buck. He liked Bentley and he got to hold Reuben, but he really wanted to pick up and hold Buck. (Buck weighs about 15lbs, so that wasn't gonna happen). He had fun at the house of animals though.
I was hoping for a non exciting, low level next couple of weeks with the 3 itty bitties, but I guess not. Sullivan has a goobery eye, and all 3 still have pretty loose stools. I treated the eye, and hope it will be better soon with out 10 days of antibiotics, just the eye ointment. I will get more kaopectate in them than I have been dosing. Although they are hitting the box, they still step in it and leave little poop footprints all over the kitty room, which is always fun. They all seem to be as crazy as any normal kittens are at this age. I am not happy that Natalie isn't gaining as fast as I want her to, but she is so high energy, maybe she is burning it off. I hope so.