Friday, June 10, 2011

little explorers

The little oranges are growing like mad. They are both over 1 pound, and I can spend hours in there watching them. They are very funny. Neither one will eat the food without me actually putting some in their mouth first. Once they actually taste it, they devour it, but they never connect the dots until I physically put it in their mouths. Every time.

Nom Nom.

Tempest has gotten very affectionate, and loves attention. She is really blossoming now that the babies are older, and she is relaxing a bit. She is gonna be a great cat for someone, but she is still scared of people she doesn't know, and quick movements. Hopefully, she will get past that.


Bentley is always waiting outside the door. He wants to see the babies so bad! Tempest will have none of that. She caught a glimpse of him when I was going in to feed, and she was hissing and growling. Bentley knows to steer clear of that.

All the meds are done, the poop is normal, and both Chaos and Mayhem are using the litter box already. I am always amazed that they figure out how to use it when they are so small.

Smart girl!

Tempest is limiting their nursing time, but they still get a drink now and then. They have round fat little bellies (not from worms...they have had the first round of Panacure!) so the lack of nursing is not hurting them at all. They seem very happy and healthy.

Mama lets them get some nipple time in.

All that playing makes a kid tired.

I wish I could say who is who, but they look so much alike these days, I can't say for sure! (Thank goodness they are not both boys, or both girls!)