Saturday, March 7, 2009

miss one day!

Wow. Sorry guys. I missed Friday, so I am posting tonight, Saturday. I was rather shocked when I first walked into kitty central this morning. Why? No kittens in their usual corner, and none to be seen at first glance.

Humm...Something is missing.

Upon further inspection, I saw a little furry tail sticking out of a very small cardboard box in the opposite corner.

The new "home."

Well, that didn't contain them for long, and as you can see, Kelsey and Halicy made a break for it. I closed the door, except for a crack, and saw Sierra immediately go get them and bring them back. She is on top of them, for sure!

Kelsey and Halicy try to escape.

I just noticed when I zoomed in on Kelsey that I see some teeth poking through!

Yay! That means they will be trying out Sierra's food soon. She should be happy about that. Speaking of Sierra, she is so starved for attention that she falls all over me when I got in to weigh, and check on everyone. She is really gonna make someone a great lap cat.

This was a random shot of pure cuteness

In the mean time, I added a couple of "walls" to help mama contain the little travelers.

It's bedtime now, everyone found a tap, and all is right with the world.