Tuesday, March 30, 2010

moving on up

Boz seems to have gotten past the last rough spot, and is back up to 2 lb., 5 1/2 oz. We replenished our nausea meeds, so we are set! He is eating well, and was on my desk chasing his tail again this afternoon. He's not 100% quite yet, but he seems to be holding his own.


Buck was at it again, with the bathing. Bosley is not happy about it, but there are worse things! He seems like he is well loved in this house.

Buck! I need to answer my phone!

Buck loves Boz, and Boz loves...Bentley. We came around the corner to find this picture! It was too cute to ignore. Unfortunately, the battery was about dead in the camera, so we only managed one shot.

Bosley snuggles up to Bentley.

Something catches the boy's attention in the yard.

Other than that, Boz spends a lot of time snoozing in the sunbeam. He got his ears cleaned out today. He wasn't too thrilled about that, but he has been shaking his head a lot lately, and we have a bottle of ear cleaner, so we will be cleaning them out, and treating for mites for a week. I don't think he has them, but better safe than sorry.

Not happy about the ear cleaning.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

growing...finally, but back to the see-saw

Bosley seemed to have hit his stride. He had been doing really well, and I had even mostly stopped with his shots. He did have a bad day Sunday, vomiting 3 times, but after a shot Sunday night, and another on Monday morning, he seems back to the "new normal." Joy mentioned some side effects from the reglan in humans, so I decided to just use it as needed now. Of course, now I have been finding vomit (yes, even on my keyboard yesterday!) so I am back to the reglan routine again. 1/2 hour before every meal.

Buck thinks Boz needs his face cleaned.

Maybe a little dirt on his head...

Eating now seems to be the favorite past time of the little man. We moved the hassock from the living room chair over to the counter where we feed the cats, so he can get up and down easily by himself, and he spends a lot of time running and jumping up there when anyone goes by. He doesn't want to miss a chance to eat. It had made a difference too. 2 lbs, 5 1/2 oz. on Tuesday! Of course, now he has lost a few ounces with the vomiting, but we will get him back on track.

Bosley tries to fight off the bath!

Boz seemed to be feeling better too. He used to get on my desk, and curl up in the crook of my arm. Now he spends a little time scattering pens and paper around before he settles in for a nap. He was playing with a feather toy last night, and spent a little time chasing his tail, which was a lot of fun to watch. This morning he has been pretty subdued, but is now sitting between my arms as I type, purring.

Buck pursues Bosley to the top of the sofa for more cleaning.

Finally, Boz is all tuckered out from Bucks efforts.

He also seems to be fighting off a cold. His eyes have been a little runny, but not too bad. I think I will get him some L-lysine today to add to his food. That should help.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Bos continues to amaze us. He is still doing pretty well. He has occasional bouts of vomiting, but he continues to eat and grow. He is still hovering around the 2 lb mark, and breaks out into play now and again, very unexpectedly. Today as Buck was giving him a bath, as he started to leave, Boz grabbed at him. Buck still thinks Boz should have a bath whenever he gets close to him. He also had a bit of tail chasing yesterday. His own!

Bentley and Boz take a nap.

Boz and Buck enjoy a meal.

Eating seems to be Bosley's favorite past time.

One thing I am concerned about is whether he is having reflux. My biggest fear now is aspiration. That could kill him pretty quickly. He has not had a fever, so I am hopeful he will continue this stretch, and stay healthy, and do some more growing! I think he will always be itty bitty, but I would like him to be a little bigger than 2 lbs!

My friend's dog Lucy, a long haired Chihuahua. Bigger than Bosley, but not much!

For now, we remain hopeful, and we enjoy the little man!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

bosley 2.0

Yes indeed. 2.0. It has 2 meanings. This morning, Bosley weighed in at 2 lbs even! I honestly wasn't sure he would ever see 2 lbs. It's been a long hard road, but wow, how exciting. :)

The other meaning is Bosley, round 2. He has been doing pretty well for a week now. That is the longest time he has ever seemed to feel well. He has thrown up maybe 3 times in the last week. There have been times when Boz threw up 5 or more times a DAY, so this is huge. We are just gonna ride the wave as long as we can.

Boz 2.0 seems to be more curious and cat like. He explores, plays and seems to be having a good time!

We give him his stomach chi from Pet Sage in the morning, when he seems like he is more acidy than any other time. Then a shot of Reglan, and 15 or 20 minutes later, he gets to eat. Another shot around 2, and then lunch, and another shot before dinner. Seems to be working.

Today I saw he threw up down the front of my desk, but still seems to be doing OK. I didn't give him a shot this afternoon, and he hasn't had one tonight either. We will see how that works.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

fun with bentley

Boz has had another good day! I am so happy that he is not only not vomiting, but seems to be feeling better. Good enough to engage Bentley in some sunbeam play.

Bosley begins to engage Bentley.

"Come on Bentley, let's go a round!"

I was bowling in a fundraiser for NOVAM today, and Joy got home from a conference and gave Boz some food. He vomited it up, but she had not given him the shot of reglan. I gave him his shot, and fed him more when I got home, and he seems fine again. Hopefully we have figured out a pattern, and can keep him on the right path now. I Hope, I hope, I hope!

Hands up!

This evening he has been very active, running across the living room, and back up to the counter to eat. If we can keep this up, that would rock. This is quite manageable.

Bosley shares his bed with Bishop.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

so close!

Just a quick post...
At weigh in a moment ago, Bosley was at.....
1lb, 15 7/8 oz!
Maybe after breakfast, he will make 2lbs! I honestly never thought he would make it.
Sorry, I wasn't prepared with photos...
Just have this one from last weekend, taken with my crappy cell phone.
Thanks for all the prayers and love!

Monorail kitty seeks the sunbeam!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

good days

Bosley loves the sun beam.

I hope that doesn't jinx it, but Boz has had a couple of pretty good days. He is eating now, for the third round this evening. He has been vomiting a bit, but it seems to be early in the morning, and then after he throws up, he goes back to eating, and keeps it down. I find myself looking hard for any kind of pattern. Not sure there is one, but I keep looking.

Need to get the belly in the sun!

For now, we just keep doing what we're doing, and hope he has more good days. Who knows, maybe he will get to 2lbs! We can sure hope.

Bentley and Boz snooze. Bookends...sorta.

Thanks to all of you guys for your thoughts and prayers. I think Bosley can feel the love!
Buck sometimes thinks Boz is his toy.

Monday, March 1, 2010


The realization has finally dawned...Bosley is not ever going to be "fixed." The vets have done all they can do. For now, we will do our best to keep him fed, and warm and loved...and someday in the not so distant future, we will say goodbye. He is almost 5 months old, and probably 4 months older than he would have lived had we not tried so hard to make him well.

Boz thinks he might want a little Nutri-cal.

I will certainly miss him when he is gone. I have gotten quite used to having him around. I watch where I step, worried I will kick the poor little guy! I won't miss the feeling of rushing home, worried all day whether he has enough food, if he needs me, if he feels ok. I wish there was something else I could do, but I think we have exhausted our options. He is a tiny little guy, with a huge personality.

Bosley ponders the question on the box. He thinks "crap."

As I sit here this evening, he is right in front of me, on my desk between my hands as I type. He has had a great day today. He has not vomited at all. (I thought he was going to when I fed him at 3:00, but he kept it down). I still can't tell if there is any pattern, or if anything I do makes any real difference, but I keep trying. I do know when he is hungry, he gets very lovable. His little belly is full right now, so he is content to sit and purr.

Bosley strikes a pose.

I am sorry it has taken so long to post! I know people have been worried, and I started getting e-mails from folks asking about Boz. I got one from Australia! Bosley has fan all over the world! I have a part time job, and a business, and networking and my 3 other cats and a dog...well, life gets a little hectic. I will try to post more regularly. Oh, and if you don't know about 50 kittens, check them out. They have week old babies there right now!

Ripley lounges on the counter.