Sunday, March 7, 2010

fun with bentley

Boz has had another good day! I am so happy that he is not only not vomiting, but seems to be feeling better. Good enough to engage Bentley in some sunbeam play.

Bosley begins to engage Bentley.

"Come on Bentley, let's go a round!"

I was bowling in a fundraiser for NOVAM today, and Joy got home from a conference and gave Boz some food. He vomited it up, but she had not given him the shot of reglan. I gave him his shot, and fed him more when I got home, and he seems fine again. Hopefully we have figured out a pattern, and can keep him on the right path now. I Hope, I hope, I hope!

Hands up!

This evening he has been very active, running across the living room, and back up to the counter to eat. If we can keep this up, that would rock. This is quite manageable.

Bosley shares his bed with Bishop.


Angel and Kirby said...

He is so tiny compared to his house mates!

marslo said...

I'm so glad Boz had a good day. I hope today is just as good.

quiltcat said...

Glad that Bosley seems to be having more good days! Paws crossed that that will continue. He seems totally at home with the big doggie and his other feline housemates.

amyfibre said...

I'm so glad that Bosley is getting such a happy and loving life, for however long it lasts. May we all be so have fun playmates, good food, and a sunbeam to sleep in.

Poppy Q said...

Bosley is so cute, and looks like he is making his day fun. Thanks for giving the little fellow so much love.

Anonymous said...

loving the sweet pics of Boz and his playmates.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

The last two posts have been soooo encouraging. Hugs'n'headbutts from my gang to yours, Jamie and Joy!! We'll keep on praying for the little guy!