Monday, June 6, 2011

quiet on the home front

After a busy last week, and another trip to the vet, things seem to have settled down here. A few days after I got home with the Whirlwinds, Mayhem started to show some of the same signs as Fracas. Dropped some weight, didn't seem to be nursing as well as she should have. I jumped on it. I got an appointment with my favorite vet, and gave them all the information about Mayhem, and Fracas. (A different vet). I left her there, which I don't really like to do, but I didn't want to wait until the next morning.

Mayhem gets her milk on.

They gave me a bottle of Flagel and I also picked up some panacure wormer for both of them, and got a good jump on this thing. 2 more rounds of SubQ fluids, and 3 doses of Flagel and she was already improving. Then Chaos started to show signs, so he went on it too. Both are doing fine now. Whew.

Feeling better

So, this morning I was watching them, and realized Tempest was already starting to wean them. She was not letting them nurse. I had opened a can of food for her so I tried to see if they were interested. Nope. Then, I actually put some in a syringe and squirted a little in their mouths. Wow! They both went nuts! They were sucking the stuff out of the plate. And trying to bite the edge of it. I had seen both of them take a drink of water, but I was shocked at how fast they jumped on the canned food. Mamas are always better at the tough love than I am when I bottle feed.

I had to take down the kitty cam to use my laptop, but I hope to get it back up shortly. In the mean time, Tempest is really getting friendlier with me. She isn't afraid, and loves attention. Now to get her used to others. Time to invite the neighbors to come visit!
Won't see much more of this.

Bosley gets jealous, and is always ready for lap time.