Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weigh in

We hit another milestone yesterday. Everyone is at 1lb! Yay! The itty bitties are all happy and playful. They got their first dose of Albon last night. Mama was Not pleased, but the little ones didn't seem to mind too much.

They all like the cat charmer toy, which is no surprise. I think every kitten/cat we ever had loves it. Even mama got in a little play time. She really seems to be feeling better, and is getting more active. She is still shy, but when she hears the door open, she makes a move to the door, as do the itty bitties.

Gwen was cute playing on top of a box on the bottom of the shelving unit in the room, and you can see she had a little trouble getting down! No harm was done, and now they can have a break until evening when they all get their next dose of medication.

Note to self: Wear long pants and socks when going into kitty room!