Monday, November 24, 2008

all gone...for now

I took the last 2 itty bitties to the shelter today. They are healthy, and happy and will be spayed tomorrow, and up for adoption on Wednesday. We have already had a friend of a friend come and play with them, with her 2 kids, and they will be waiting when the shelter opens on Wednesday to apply for them. They will have a great new home!

While we were there, we checked on Ebony and Niles. Still as sweet as pie. I was happy when I saw Norton was gone...but now they tell me he wasn't adopted! He is in isolation, with possible ringworm! I was so upset! Poor little guy. I hope it turns out to be a mistake. He was 100% healthy when he left here, but I guess with the number of cats and dogs that go to the spay/neuter clinic, they can pick up stuff. Keep your fingers crossed that he gets better quick, and gets adopted!

I also see that Mama Gia is still there. She is very shy, so I need to send more traffic her way. She loves other cats, and even found a rub for Bentley when he came in to visit. She is a sweet girl, loves attention, but is just shy. I wish I knew someone with an older cat or dog that might want another low key cat. She is very calm and quiet, and although she doesn't like to be picked up, she does like to be stroked, and loves her ears scratched.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

funny stuff

There is a great website, where you can spend hours if you are not careful, looking at funny pictures like this:

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

The site is called, and you can add your own captions to photos, or even upload your own. (Yes, you can find some of the itty bitties on there, if you look hard enough!)


2 quiet elephants

Mighty quiet here today. Only two little elephants left. Great news though. Nadine is at 2lbs, 3oz! A huge leap in weight. At this rate, we will definitely make weight by Monday.

The girls got to play in my office a bit this evening. Of course, the paperball is the best toy ever, and Jet really enjoys it, carrying it around to where she wants to play.

Nadine stole it a few times, but she is still happier to climb on my lap to sit.

Monday, November 17, 2008

graduation for 3

Niles, Norton and Ebony went back to the shelter tonight to go to spay/neuter tomorrow. Nadine is still a bit underweight, so she is staying, and Jet is sticking around to keep her company.

We had some visitors to see the kittens yesterday, and they pretty much knew they wanted to adopt Nadine. Then, while they were here, they fell in love with Jet, too, so they will be adopting both of them when they go back to the shelter. We are always happy when they go to someone where we will be able to keep track of them.

Just before we went to the shelter, we let them have a good half an hour of play time, so enjoy the photos.

Nadine plays with her new friend

Jet carries her toys with her


More Ebony

Norton looks regal

Niles plays

Friday, November 14, 2008

busy week

I know, I know. All you kitty junkies are not happy that there have been no updates since Monday. (I don't know if anyone is even looking, since I get very few comments)
But anyway, I will make up for it with lots of photos today.

We are in the home stretch. Everyone is past 2 and a half pounds....except Nadine. She just is not gaining. She eats like a pig, but she is still teetering at 1.15, and 2.0. I guess I will need to feed her by herself, to make sure she is getting her share, but she seems like she is eating fine. Not sure what's going on, but we need to get some weight on her. Maybe another round of panacur is in order. They love that...NOT.

I will take all but Nadine back to the shelter on Monday, or keep one with her, maybe Niles. Can't keep just one, with no one to play with. Makes 'em nuts. Maybe they have another single there who needs a buddy that can come home with me, but I am out of town for Thanksgiving, so I really need to get her to weight.

Norton licks his chops after a meal

Nadine strikes a pose

Madison visits and falls for Nadine

Norton and Jet use my foot as home base in a game of tag

Jet Prowls while out of "prison"

Jet considers a pounce on someone

Ebony did not want to open her eyes for the photo op.

Still won't

Nope...not yet

Can't make me!
(Mind you, she had them open every time I looked at her, she just chose to close them whenever I clicked!)

Niles, up close and personal

Niles and Jet playing, Norton does Catzilla

The always wide eyed Niles has a look of terror waiting for Norton to pounce

Bishop watches the antics from the top of the condo

Buck is either getting ready to give Nadine a bath, or is na-naing her.

Monday, November 10, 2008

hidey hole

I put a bunch of toys in the kitty room the other day. I think it was 6 little mice. I went in today to feed the itty bitties, and I realize there are no toys. Not one. I took a peek under the cabinet that houses all the kitty goodies, like the meds, and the other supplies, and I saw nothing. Then, I grabbed a stick, which in real life is the kitty charmer, and I put it under the file cabinet, and sort of scooped it back out. Well, out flew 4 mice, 2 old collars, with tags, 1 french fry boat the shelter gives to feed in (that I never really use), 1 eye dropper still in plastic wrap, and one paper ball. It was kitty crazyness! Of course, the paper ball belongs to Jet, and she made sure no one else got it. Nadine tried, but it was no use. The others chased everything for about 20 minutes, but finally settled down about 10 minutes after I left the room. It really sounded like the elephants were on the run tonight.

race for the finish

We are getting close to the finish line with these guys. The weight range is from 2lbs, to 2, 10 oz. Jet is the biggest, and Nadine is the smallest, but they eat like horses, and we are pushing for a return just before Thanksgiving, when I will be heading out of town. I hate to split them up, but if we have some not ready before I head out, I don't want to leave a house sitter here with all 5 of these guys. They are getting big, and 5 kittens can be a bit to clean up after.

In the mean time, they are quite entertaining.

Niles hides in the crock, everyones favorite hiding spot.

Ebony is on the lookout for Buck, as he chases the paper ball down the hall.

Ebony watches Buck from behind the tera cotta duck.

Nadine leaves because the duck has nothing to say.

Friday, November 7, 2008

It just seems to be same ole, same ole here at itty bitty central. All the itty bitties seem to be doing fine. Probably still have a few weeks until they make weight. Jet is at weight already, but Niles, Nadine and Norton still have a way to go.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

the niles show

Bentley came in to the kitty room tonight and cleaned the food bowls. He is almost as good as a dishwasher, although I don't think I would want to eat out of those dishes.

He was focused on the food, and Niles was focused on him. First, biting his feet, then hanging on his face, and just being cute. Bentley was sweet, and pretty much ignored him while he went to work on the leftovers.

Niles is getting quite handsome, and reminds me of Bishop, with his light stripes, and his big lion chin.

I know one thing, these guys shouldn't be afraid of dogs when they get adopted.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

making a mess

These itty bitties are getting big. That means they make bigger messes! They poop more, pee more, and spill water and crunchies when they run through the room like little banshies!

I heard a crash today, and they had jumped on the second shelf of the unit, and pulled off some clean bowls and broke one. Time to move everything up a level.

Was out late last night at some friends, watching election returns, so I didn't get the evening weigh ins, but they all seem to be doing fine as wine. Ouch. No more wine today.

Jet walking around with a collar in her mouth.

Monday, November 3, 2008

personality plus

The itty bitties are getting some real personalities now. They do change from when they are really little. Nadine is much less the spaz than the rest. She is a princess, and wants to be in your lap more than anything else. She will play, but I have to put her off of me a few times before she will give up and go play.

Jet likes to run out the door, and look for Bentley. She likes to play with him, and he is happy to play right back. Here she is charging the door when she saw his tongue under it. She is a big spaz, but unlike some of the others, when you hold her, she doesn't fight to get down. She loves it, and will sit there and purr.

Norton seems to be the one that is taking all the toys into the carrier. I almost always find 2 or 3 toys in the carrier. I saw him trying to pull the cat charmer into it tonight. He also is the kitten most likely to play "catzilla."

Ebony is Jet's sister, and she is also a spaz. She is also sweet, and almost every time I am in the room after she eats, she climbs onto my shoulder to take a little bath. I feel like I am always wearing a little cat food when I leave. Here you see her licking her chops.

Niles is the foot cat. He loves to attack the feet. He doesn't really bite hard or scratch, but he does go at it. He is sweet and sat very quietly tonight while I clipped his nails. He also loves the charmer as does Norton.