Monday, November 10, 2008

race for the finish

We are getting close to the finish line with these guys. The weight range is from 2lbs, to 2, 10 oz. Jet is the biggest, and Nadine is the smallest, but they eat like horses, and we are pushing for a return just before Thanksgiving, when I will be heading out of town. I hate to split them up, but if we have some not ready before I head out, I don't want to leave a house sitter here with all 5 of these guys. They are getting big, and 5 kittens can be a bit to clean up after.

In the mean time, they are quite entertaining.

Niles hides in the crock, everyones favorite hiding spot.

Ebony is on the lookout for Buck, as he chases the paper ball down the hall.

Ebony watches Buck from behind the tera cotta duck.

Nadine leaves because the duck has nothing to say.

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