Monday, November 10, 2008

hidey hole

I put a bunch of toys in the kitty room the other day. I think it was 6 little mice. I went in today to feed the itty bitties, and I realize there are no toys. Not one. I took a peek under the cabinet that houses all the kitty goodies, like the meds, and the other supplies, and I saw nothing. Then, I grabbed a stick, which in real life is the kitty charmer, and I put it under the file cabinet, and sort of scooped it back out. Well, out flew 4 mice, 2 old collars, with tags, 1 french fry boat the shelter gives to feed in (that I never really use), 1 eye dropper still in plastic wrap, and one paper ball. It was kitty crazyness! Of course, the paper ball belongs to Jet, and she made sure no one else got it. Nadine tried, but it was no use. The others chased everything for about 20 minutes, but finally settled down about 10 minutes after I left the room. It really sounded like the elephants were on the run tonight.

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