Friday, November 14, 2008

busy week

I know, I know. All you kitty junkies are not happy that there have been no updates since Monday. (I don't know if anyone is even looking, since I get very few comments)
But anyway, I will make up for it with lots of photos today.

We are in the home stretch. Everyone is past 2 and a half pounds....except Nadine. She just is not gaining. She eats like a pig, but she is still teetering at 1.15, and 2.0. I guess I will need to feed her by herself, to make sure she is getting her share, but she seems like she is eating fine. Not sure what's going on, but we need to get some weight on her. Maybe another round of panacur is in order. They love that...NOT.

I will take all but Nadine back to the shelter on Monday, or keep one with her, maybe Niles. Can't keep just one, with no one to play with. Makes 'em nuts. Maybe they have another single there who needs a buddy that can come home with me, but I am out of town for Thanksgiving, so I really need to get her to weight.

Norton licks his chops after a meal

Nadine strikes a pose

Madison visits and falls for Nadine

Norton and Jet use my foot as home base in a game of tag

Jet Prowls while out of "prison"

Jet considers a pounce on someone

Ebony did not want to open her eyes for the photo op.

Still won't

Nope...not yet

Can't make me!
(Mind you, she had them open every time I looked at her, she just chose to close them whenever I clicked!)

Niles, up close and personal

Niles and Jet playing, Norton does Catzilla

The always wide eyed Niles has a look of terror waiting for Norton to pounce

Bishop watches the antics from the top of the condo

Buck is either getting ready to give Nadine a bath, or is na-naing her.


Anonymous said...

you really capture all the personalities here. this is one of my favorite blogs for a giggle. thanks.

Jamie said...

Thanks for looking, and commenting. : )