Monday, November 17, 2008

graduation for 3

Niles, Norton and Ebony went back to the shelter tonight to go to spay/neuter tomorrow. Nadine is still a bit underweight, so she is staying, and Jet is sticking around to keep her company.

We had some visitors to see the kittens yesterday, and they pretty much knew they wanted to adopt Nadine. Then, while they were here, they fell in love with Jet, too, so they will be adopting both of them when they go back to the shelter. We are always happy when they go to someone where we will be able to keep track of them.

Just before we went to the shelter, we let them have a good half an hour of play time, so enjoy the photos.

Nadine plays with her new friend

Jet carries her toys with her


More Ebony

Norton looks regal

Niles plays

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