Tuesday, March 10, 2009

they have arrived

Pretty low key arrival of the Bottle Rockets (AKA the Interlopers!) today.
They arrived with little fan fare, and pretty much merged right in. Ted brought them over from 50K about 5:00, and we introduced them. They are a bit bigger than the crew I have, but not too much, maybe 3 or 4 oz.

Initally, Sierra checked them out, and just sort of kept a wary eye on them.The itty bitties had no trouble with the integration, and the Rockets seems to be thrilled to have some more siblings to cuddle and share body heat with.

New family for the Rockets

A little later, I went in to check on them, and Sierra was not with the babies, but they were all asleep. They work up when I came in, and cried a bit, so I got Sierra to go lay down and I put Kelsey and Halicy with her, and they bellied up right away. Sierra checked them out pretty throughly and settled down. I snuck Caddo in, and as long as he wasn't up front, Sierra let him nurse...except he never did find a nipple. When he came back up front, she hissed at him. The hiss didn't seem to phase Caddo, Arnie had a full belly, since I had just fed him, so he was sleeping, and was content.

Sierra decided segregation was better

So, I guess I will just keep an eye on them. I will feed the Rockets around 2 or 3 AM, and back in at 6 to feed again. Hopefully Sierra will warm up to them by then.

Reintegration of the itty bitties