Tuesday, August 12, 2008

quiet on the home front

Sometimes I think our own cats think they don't get enough attention, and have to do something to get it. Like keeping you from washing your hands. Or keeping you from showering in the morning...

I hate to say anything about the itty bitties...scared to jinx myself. Everyone seems to be fine for the time being. I found something strange in the litter box yesterday though. A NORMAL STOOL! Yes, hard to believe, but I saw a normal stool. Then, I saw Sully produce another one. They other two still have loose stool, but they are gaining weight, and all seem full of energy. I will be happy to get them all adopted. (Just in time for another batch I suspect) I will take a couple of days to get the room cleaned up again, and spray it down with trifectant, just in case. We won't be going on vacation until the last few days of September, so we will be able to take some more before then. Hopefully, they will all be, and stay healthy!