Monday, August 25, 2008

New week, new litter

Round 4.
We took into care today a mama and 3 babies. Babies look like they are about 3 weeks old. The eyes are open, but still blue. Mama seems a little lethargic, but she did eat some when I got her here. She is really congested, and may be dehydrated, so I will see if I can get the vet here tomorrow to take a look at her. The babies seem fine, but the little boy has poopie butt. He seems ok, but I want to get him looked at too, and the housecall vet is just the best answer in my opinion.

So, we have mama, 2 girls and 1 boy. They all have names already, but we already changed one name, and mama will get a new one eventually. Mamas are always called mama for a while, until I get to know them a little better. Mama is Gia, one girl is Greer, one was Geneva, but we changed it to Gwen, and the boy is Gibson, but we will call him Gibby, after a friend of the family. : ) I had to change Geneva's name. I went to school with a Geneva, and it just didn't fit.

I can already see, even though these guys are tiny, that they are going to be a hand full. They immediately came out of their crate, and went right to where I had hung towels over the wicker baskets in the bottom of the shelving unit, and proceeded to climb up them. I ended up taking the baskets out. They can live in the attic until these guys go back.

These little girls are total gang bangers. (Maybe we should have kept Gwen's name as Geneva...We called Geneva Kamakazi on the Field Hockey field!) Gibby did finally get into it an mixed it up a bit, but he was a mama's boy for a while this evening. He looked tuckered out, and had to catch a cat nap while the girls played. They are hard to tell who is who, and as you can see, they look alike. I finally put a blue collar on Greer so I could tell the girls apart. I figured out later that Gwen "chirps" when she plays, so I probably could tell the difference without the collar, but it was an easy fix.

I also figured out that mama doesn't have much if any milk. I mixed up a batch of KMR (kitten replacement milk) and since I didn't have a bottle, I put a nipple on a syringe, and tried to see if they would take a supplement. Gwen almost tried to swallow the nipple whole! Eventually, I just mixed the KMR with the canned food, and they all bellied up to the bar, so to speak. Mama even came over and had some. Hopefully, I can get an appointment tomorrow, and have them all checked out, just to be safe.