Tuesday, May 4, 2010

snip snip

I got in trouble today for not posting in so long. Shame on me! Have been busy lately, and just run out of time, and pictures!

Big step for Bosley on Thursday. He is getting neutered! Yep. Dr. Brown will be doing the deed. Boz is still not quite to 3 lbs., but he is close. I honestly wasn't sure we would ever see this day, but here he is, all grown up. (OK, maybe not ALL grown up, but 6 months old is amazing!)

We hosted Swaziland night here this past Friday, and Boz was feeling good, and having a lot of fun interacting with our friends, and with Lucy, my friend's little dog. I think Lucy was a little afraid of Boz, but Boz didn't seem the least bit afraid of Lucy.

Today, there was vomit in my office floor, and he seems a bit off today. I will give him a shot before dinner, and before breakfast tomorrow, and see how it goes. I don't think I want to put him under if he is nauseous.

He is still as sweet as he can be, and makes it hard to do work. He is laying across my arm right now. At least he isn't laying on the keyboard. He is known for that too!

I have to laugh. Anyone that knows Buck knows what a chow hound he is. He will worry you no end until he gets his food. He is also known to terrorize the other cats randomly by chasing and tormenting them. Well, when Boz is hungry, and I open a can of Buck's food, Bosley will dive in. When Buck comes over to eat, Bosley growls at him! The funnies thing is, Buck will back off. He will sneak very slowly back to the bowl to try to eat. Boz usually stops with the growling, but it is too funny to see little >3 lb Boz chase Mr. 15 lb Buck away.

Buck waits his turn after Boz growled at him.